Flames 2015-16 Ticket Prices Double in Price

I guess the hope of a shiny new sports arena with all the bells and whistles is going to cost. For the most part, fans/citizens are both interested and excited about the prospect of a new arena in downtown Calgary. THe only problem? The cost. Almost everyone I’ve talked to welcomes the idea, but not at the expense of any taxpayer money. The ownership group would have it differently with around 25%+ coming from the taxpayers coffer. That amounts to 250+million. The other side of the coin is the ticket-sale ‘tax’ where fans will pay incrementally with higher ticket prices.

Everyone seems to be on board with this idea, if you love the Flames and pay to watch, then you’ll pay for the new arena too. But how high have ticket prices gone? Well, we know now, it’s double. Sometimes more than double.

For example, you can purchase 9-game packs: 8 regular season games, 1 pre-season. Two seasons ago, if you were to buy this pack it would cost about $853 for TWO seats. This year, a single seat 9 game pack is $873, more than double. And this is the same section, second level near the top.

Wanna see the Canucks, Oilers, or Canadiens? Better get ready to dish out some serious cash. Press Level seats (aka nosebleeds) are going for over $200 for the Montreal game.

In the free-market enterprise you design your pricing based on what the market will allow. If fans will pay the prices, then cudos to ownership, they should charge what they can. It does make Flames’ tickets among the most expensive in the league, but if the market will allow it, then have at ‘er. Of course, if you want to act as a free market engine on one hand, you’ll be hard pressed to challenge for public dollars on the other. Not sure if you can have your cake and eat it too

But my sense is, deep down inside, everyone knows public money will be in someway contributed to the project, it’s only a matter of how much.

2015-2016 Calgary Flames Season Revving Up

Official training camp has yet to open, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t an increase in activity at the Flames camp. Here are some recent updates surrounding the team.

– The ownership unveiled their CalgaryNext project for a new arena for both the Flames and the Stamps. The project is slated for development in the West Downtown location and comes with a hefty price tag likely to exceed 1 billion. The vision is ambitious, however, the general consensus among Calgarians is no public money.

– Mark Giordano signed a contract extension worth 6.75$ for six years. He likely left money on the table, but took the term length. The deal makes sense for Giordano in the shorterm, but we’ll see what the deal looks like in 5 years.

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Calgary Flames Quickly Sign Dougie Hamilton to 6 – Year Deal

If you are a Calgary Flames fan then the 2015 entry draft, and now the July 1st UFA opening, are somewhat anti-climactic. General manager Brad Treviling surprised everyone by fleecing the Boston Bruins out of Dougie Hamilton, a blue chip proven right-handed defensemen standing at 6’5″, four three draft picks in this year’s draft. The rumours of Boston sounded like a smear campaign against Hamilton, painting him as difficult in the room and greedy.

Don Sweeney, GM for Boston, reportedly offered Hamilton a 5 year deal worth about 5 1/2 million, which his camp reportedly turned down and countered with 2 million higher. Another surprise as the Flames quickly signed Hamilton to a six-year deal worth just under 6 million a year. So not only did Calgary especially rip off Boston, but they managed to sign their man around the same price Boston offered, but one year longer.

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Calgary Flames 2015 Draft Weekend Updates

Jun 26, 2015

**Trade Alert**

Before things even get started in the evening, the Calgary Flames entered the foray and addressed a deep concern on the back end by not simply adding a small piece, but a young proven defenceman in Dougie Hamilton. The cost was steep, but for a proven and capable D man, Calgary has strengthened their backend considerably.

To Calgary: RFA Dougie Hamilton

To Boston: Calgary’s 15th, 45th, and 52nd picks in this year’s entry draft.

More trades and pick updates to come as they happen.

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Calgary Flames Shine at Awards Ceremony NHL 2015

With four, the Calgary Flames organization had the most nominees in this year’s NHL Awards ceremony. They took home two. First off a rant.

NHL awards are a sham. West had won 5 of the last 6 cups, yet the east still wins 3/4 of the awards. For example, Karlsson winning the Norris. He played about 35 seconds on the penalty kill all year and started something like only 20% of his shifts in the defensive zone. Bias? I think so. Johnny Hockey came third in rookie Calder voting. Bergeron continues to win the Selke. All great players, but there’s a bias here.

OK, with that out of the way, congrats to all winners, especially Carey Price on his haul of 4 awards. Here’s video of the Flames’ winners:

And give this guy a permanent ‘A’.

Chicago Blackhawks Win 2014-15 Stanley Cup

Congrats. And those TV ratings make Gary proud. The highest views in 18 years. Thank Chicago for that. Top reason why/how?

Awesome. But not that the Hawks won; but at least it was the Bolts.

Until next season!

Another rant on the stupidity of the Arizona Coyotes

Guest post by Rev. K.

The City Council of Glendale will hold a meeting to decide the future, again, of the local hockey franchise. Why on earth does the NHL want to continue plugging away at this beleaguered and failed organization?

The Phoenix Coyotes are once again in the news, so it’s once again time for my usual rant. My position has not changed.

Phoenix is, and has always been, a terrible, terrible business decision. A Former Glendale City Council floated the Coyotes $25 million of taxpayer money to cover losses from a previous season while a buyer for the team was sought.

This franchise is nothing short of a complete failure. No disrespect to the players, coaches, and staff who work for the Coyotes. This idea of hockey in the desert has been a 19 year experiment that has never turned a profit and has sucked down more money than anyone with any sense would allow.

The part about Phoenix that I have never understood is why other owners support trying to make the team work there. Every year, Phoenix receives a pile of cash in equalization payments to attempt to keep the franchise solvent….and even that doesn’t work. Where does that cash come from? It comes from the bottom lines of far more profitable teams like Toronto, New York, Montreal, and so on.

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Calgary Flames 2014-2015 Post Year Review

Well, the dust has settled on another hockey year, only this time the season lasted far longer than anybody at the start of the season predicted. There were few who thought the Flames would remotely contend for a playoff spot. If by some miracle they made it, certainly nobody thought they’d come out of the first round. The overachievers exceeded all expectations largely because of the performance of relative unknowns. The rookies outperformed, the vets stacked up points as they should’ve, and sophomores outperformed, the defence scored more than anybody thought was possible, goaltending was above average, and so on.

Here are some thoughts on the team as a whole, but some blanket assessments on players.

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Should the Edmonton Eskimos Fire Their Social Media Manager?

Ignoring the fact the team name is now considered a derogatory term for indigenous people in Canada’s far North, the Edmonton Eskimos released a tweet following the Calgary Flames loss to the Anaheim Duck’s in the Second Round of the NHL playoffs.

Screen Shot 2015-05-11 at 15.15.32 PM

The tweet was not only in distaste, but it was also reminiscent of a tweet a week earlier from the Houston Rocket, and lead to the firing of their social media manager.

Screen Shot 2015-05-11 at 15.14.23 PM

This tweet from the Houston Rocket’s account certainly crossed the line, but did the Eskimos tweet do the same?

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Anaheim 3 – Calgary 2: Round 2 Series Anaheim 4 – Calgary 1

This Game five post-game summary won’t include any season summary, just tonight’s game.

With everything on the line the Calgary Flames flew into Anaheim for Game 5 of the best of seven series. The subtext for every away game in Anaheim is how long it’s been since the Flames have won, they haven’t won for as long as Johnny Goudreau has been alive (at least that’s what it seems.) Calgary looked to defy history by sticking to their game plan and hoping for some timely bounces. They did get some of the that for the first 30 minutes, but this 60 minute game had a little bit of everything, including some of the greatest acting in NHL postseason history.

The Flames would get on the board first and actually take the lead in the first period. Jiri Hudler scoring his first point of this series. He’s clearly injured, along with Sean Monahan, I’m as defined the net exposing Andersen’s low blocker side weakness.

Calgary seemed to hold some momentum during the first. But unfortunately for fans on TV (not the fans in Anahiem, that is literally the quietest rink in the league) the referees started to get involved. Before the game there must have been a clear directive from the NHL head office, perhaps in Gary Bettman himself, shutting down playoff style hockey in favour for penalty parades only seen in preseason. The effect of the game was lasting, and I gave Anaheim the Ashley needed to regain momentum and finer game. Anytime the referees get involved to the point you notice them they are doing a poor job. In case you need a reminder, Brad Watson was head ref, and he was the goon called out last week in Montreal. Rather than sit him, the NHL sent him out West. What a joke.

Nonetheless, it’s a shame that in this series the Flames couldn’t keep their 5v5 play going, instead they were called for chintzy penalties that turned Game 5 of the Second Round into a farce. (I’m looking at you Joe Colborne. Nice progression, but wow, you spent more time in the box than on the ice in the last two games.)

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