Flames Win 4 – 1 Against Crapcouver

The Calgary Flames may not be making this year’s playoffs, but at least they beat their archrivals and everybody’s most hated team, the Vancouver Canucks.

There’re basically only three storylines:

– rolling four solid forechecking lines;
– a near shutout for Jonah Hiller
– Sean Monahan scored his first NHL slapshot goal.

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Flames Continue Downward Spiral

Kiss the playoffs goodbye. We knew they were out in December, but the Flames are simply a bad hockey club. For a myriad of reasons, this team team won’t be in the post-season. Right now, the main reason is there is zero secondary scoring. That’s how far away this team is from competing for a championship–they are HALF a team away. SIX forwards (I would get ride of the entire 3rd and 4th lineup) need to replaced, but in reality we’ll probably have to put up with it for the remainder of the season.

Stajan, Colbourne, Jones, Bouma, Ferland, Jooris, right now all playing like deadweight. When you have Brandon ‘Franchise’ Bollig waiting in the wings, you know you have a problem with depth and scoring. Ah well, at least we can watch Gaudreau do the odd dance at the blueline, that’s exciting at least.

Post All-Star Game Wrap Up 2016

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It’s been over a decade since I last watched an All-Star game but the hoopla around John Scott piqued my interest enough to turn on the game (I just get the skills competition). What can I say, on a lazy Sunday afternoon with nothing else to do, having the game in the background proved to be entertaining. That’s just it, the entertainment value of the game itself went up in spades, both due to the controversy, but also because the new format of 3-3 actually saw the players give a damn and putting some effort.

Having a $1 million prize purse for the winning Division certainly helped, but I would’ve must rather see a bunch of professional hockey players play their hearts out in an All-star game up for a charity rather than to line their own pockets.

Johnny Hockey and Mark Giordano represented the Flames and did well. it was weird to watch Mark actually play defense, and get this, even block shots. Gaudreau finished the game with 3 points. The man who stole the show, however, was John Scott, let’s give him his dues, he made again something interesting and in a weird way deserved the All-Star MVP award at the end.

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As for the Flames, the break will now present a few problems.

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Loser Flames Continue 20 Minute Efforts for Loss

Calgary 1 – Nashville 2

It’s now a foregone conclusion that the Calgary Flames will not be in this year’s edition of playoff hockey. The simple reason is the team simply cannot play consistent hockey. For example in tonight’s Game day put in a 20 minute effort and got the result of another loss. For 40 minutes they failed to put up a fight. There was no pushback, no offense, no forecheck, no nothing.

Here’s the post game vignette that essentially describes every game this team plays.

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Sam Bennett Makes History: Flames 6 – Florida 0

The youngest Flames to score a hat-trick, and the youngest to score four in a game, Sam Bennett, ladies and gentlemen.

YOU CAN PUT IT IN THE WIN COLUMN! @sbennett_93 scored 4 goals in a 6-0 win over the #FlaPanthers!

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And that is your post game.

Arizona 2 – Calgary 1

The Calgary Flames dropped and much needed two points against their divisional rivals who sit two points ahead in the standings. The main problem? Lack of scoring. With Kari Ramo at the top of his game the offence has dried up. The top line hasn’t produced a point in five games. Tonight the only scoring came off the stick of Gaudreau who manage to pot his 18th on the PP. Not only has secondary scoring dried up, but the top line is nonexistent. Not helping matters is coach Hartley’s insistence on playing Joe Colbourne on the wing. At this rate expect the coach to give Brandon ‘Franchise’ Bollig a shot.

With a relatively easy schedule coming up, the Flames need to make hey and take points when they can get them. To do that they need to go back to basics and return to their relentless crash and bang forecheck, because of they can’t figure it out the tight Pacific division might slip out of their grasp.

Flames Register First Shut Out of Season: Calgary 4 – Colorado 0

It was the night where if you were a Colorado Avalanche fan the setting was perfect. Jarome Iginla sitting at 599 goals and looking for a number is 600 against his old team. Despite all of the hoopla, Calgary pushed back in their second game following the Christmas break and cashed in on some timely secondary scoring.

This pos game summary is a quick one. The fourth line scored two 2 goals. The power play continues to struggle. Kari Ramo registered his first shut out of the season.

Now the team comes back home for a four game homestand.

Notes: shockingly the Flames managed to win the game without franchise player Brandon Bollig. Josh Jooris finally got back into the lineup and asserted himself enough to hopefully stay. Jiri Hudler left the game after the first period with a lower body injury

Anaheim 1 – Calgary 0 and Ryan Kesler is a Garbage Hockey Player

It was nice to see Dennis Wideman take exception to Ryan Kesler’s late game antics, putting the puck in the Flames’ empty net after the buzzer sounded. Too bad Wideman doesn’t get mad like that on ice when it matters. As for Kesler? I can count on 3 fingers the league’s garbage players and he’s #2 right behind Marchand and just ahead of Burrows. His chintzy play all game is merely indicative to the trash he is, a player in his twilight that has never, and will never, win any kind of hockey accolade worth mentioning. It’s too bad he doesn’t play for Vancouver anymore because it would give the entire NHL fanbase another reason to hate the Canucks.

As for the game itself, not only was it boring, but the team mustered a hefty FOURTEEN (14) shots on goal. HAHAHA. I bet Bob Hartley thinks the answer is hidden inside Brandon Bollig’s skates.

Ya no.

Flames Come From Behind: Calgary 5 – Edmonton 3

Slow start, great second period, held on for the two points. It’s always a thrill to beat your provincial rival, especially when both teams are fighting for a playoff spot. It’s been years since Calgary and Edmonton have faced off against each other in a meaningful way. This year the talent has finally caught up and made Edmonton a better team. But they still have a ways to go to shore up their defensive problems.

Despite going behind 0-2 after the first frame Calgary fought back later by, no surprise here, Johnny Hockey. Here’s your post game vignette:

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Calgary 4 – Winnipeg 1

The final game before the Christmas break brought cheer to the hometown fans as the Calgary Flames tied franchise record winning their 10th straight game at home. It sounds like a broken record but once again Johnny Gaudreau lead the way with yet another hat trick. He is quickly proving himself to be formidable in a league built for players twice his size, which is good for him considering this is a contract year he is slated to cash in big-time.

Here’s the post game.

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