Calgary Flames Fire Bob Hartley – News Conference Highlights

If there was a right time to fire the head coach, about now is the time to do. General Manager Brad Treliving announced this morning that Bob Hartley, and associate coach Jacques Cloutier, will not return to the club. Only one season removed from winning the Jack Adams award for league’s best coach, Bob

Highlights from this morning press conference with GM Treliving:

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Calgary Flames Smash Vancouver Canucks in Home Finale 7-3

Mikael Backlund Records First Career Hat-Trick

If there’s one thing you know as a Calgary flames fan it’s the shared hatred for the divisional rivals. The recent history between the two teams makes every game prospect for gloating rights. With both teams heading for an early off-season, only pride was on the line. As a fan, you look at your team, and although you may not be making the playoffs, it’s oh so satisfying to drop kick the Canucks in grand fashion and take the season series. It wasn’t even a close game–nay–this was a Grade ‘A’ Blowout, the perfect end to an otherwise dismal season.

The Flames traded punches through the first, but Mikael Backlund broke the game open in the second period notching not one, but two goals, to collect his first-career hat-trick. His tallies came on the PP, SH, and even strength. Matt Stajan, playing on the wing the past two games, chalked up 3 assists for his work.

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Brian McGrattan vs Daniel Maggio Round 2

Flames suck, but here’s something interesting. Round 2 after McGrattan was knocked out by Maggio in January. Let’s just say Maggio had no chance.

Flames are garbage

NY 2 – Calgary 1 (OT)

Losers again. That is all.

How Bob Hartley is Killing the Flames Mid-Season

It’s just past the midway markup the 2015-2016 NHL season and the Calgary Flames hover around bottom bottom of the league. Nobody is expecting them to make this year’s playoffs although they might make a late push. Although the players could be blamed for the slow start that didn’t really pick up steam until December, nowadays it seems as though the coaching is hurting the team. Here are three reasons why.

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Flames Win Wild Affair: Calgary 6 – SJ 5 (SO)

This game had everything. Excitement, scoring, no defence, terrible goaltending, overtime, and a shootout. Calgary went up 4-0 in the first but squandered it off of some ill timed penalties. It’s easy to blame the refs, and they were too noticeable, but Calgary shot themselves in the foot. What’s been particularly noticeable is how Hartley is killing the team mid-season, more on that in the next post. Here’s the post-game

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Flames Win 4 – 1 Against Crapcouver

The Calgary Flames may not be making this year’s playoffs, but at least they beat their archrivals and everybody’s most hated team, the Vancouver Canucks.

There’re basically only three storylines:

– rolling four solid forechecking lines;
– a near shutout for Jonah Hiller
– Sean Monahan scored his first NHL slapshot goal.

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Flames Continue Downward Spiral

Kiss the playoffs goodbye. We knew they were out in December, but the Flames are simply a bad hockey club. For a myriad of reasons, this team team won’t be in the post-season. Right now, the main reason is there is zero secondary scoring. That’s how far away this team is from competing for a championship–they are HALF a team away. SIX forwards (I would get ride of the entire 3rd and 4th lineup) need to replaced, but in reality we’ll probably have to put up with it for the remainder of the season.

Stajan, Colbourne, Jones, Bouma, Ferland, Jooris, right now all playing like deadweight. When you have Brandon ‘Franchise’ Bollig waiting in the wings, you know you have a problem with depth and scoring. Ah well, at least we can watch Gaudreau do the odd dance at the blueline, that’s exciting at least.

Post All-Star Game Wrap Up 2016

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It’s been over a decade since I last watched an All-Star game but the hoopla around John Scott piqued my interest enough to turn on the game (I just get the skills competition). What can I say, on a lazy Sunday afternoon with nothing else to do, having the game in the background proved to be entertaining. That’s just it, the entertainment value of the game itself went up in spades, both due to the controversy, but also because the new format of 3-3 actually saw the players give a damn and putting some effort.

Having a $1 million prize purse for the winning Division certainly helped, but I would’ve must rather see a bunch of professional hockey players play their hearts out in an All-star game up for a charity rather than to line their own pockets.

Johnny Hockey and Mark Giordano represented the Flames and did well. it was weird to watch Mark actually play defense, and get this, even block shots. Gaudreau finished the game with 3 points. The man who stole the show, however, was John Scott, let’s give him his dues, he made again something interesting and in a weird way deserved the All-Star MVP award at the end.

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As for the Flames, the break will now present a few problems.

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Loser Flames Continue 20 Minute Efforts for Loss

Calgary 1 – Nashville 2

It’s now a foregone conclusion that the Calgary Flames will not be in this year’s edition of playoff hockey. The simple reason is the team simply cannot play consistent hockey. For example in tonight’s Game day put in a 20 minute effort and got the result of another loss. For 40 minutes they failed to put up a fight. There was no pushback, no offense, no forecheck, no nothing.

Here’s the post game vignette that essentially describes every game this team plays.

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