No Response: Calgary 2 – Oilers 4

For almost 7 years the Edmonton Oilers have been rebuilding. They’ll be going for another 7 at this rate. Their ability as an organization to build a winner despite the talent is zip. Calgary is in year 1 and the rebuild looks promising. Juror still out but one thing’s for sure, the team lacks the drive to win.

Although the Flames dominated the game for 55 minutes, Edmonton’s skill and luck drew them even and ahead in the third. Calgary generated few good scoring chances, and the Oilers simply capitalized on their few. The Flames might have had more pace than the Dallas spanking, but they’re willingness to win is missing.

Andrew Ference pulled the most cowardly move I’ve seen in recent memory getting upset with a Stempniak shoulder check and busting his teeth out in the process. The league apparently has an instigator rule. Referees have no willingness to use it. That ends up putting a blight on the game as a whole. With Ference wearing the ‘C’ and representing the overall culture of the Oilers, it’s no wonder the team has a pathetic identity. As for the Flames they’ll end up with the same thing if they don’t respond. Nobody gave ANYBODY a hard time on the ice after the Ference incident.

Sure, Wideman might have had a few choice words, but who cares. Yea, Brian McGrattan is on the ice, but he’s useless and only fights the odd heavyweight in the crowd. Who stands up for this team? Right now, it’s nobody.

Reto Berra let in 3 soft goals, although he didn’t see the first two, the third one was the type of goal that sent Joey MacDonald down to the minors. (Macdonald tonight lost in the AHL to the Oilers farm team as well).

Calgary has no answer, lacks skill, and if they don’t right the ship soon and at least compete to win the odd game, they’ll loose fans as well.

One Comment on “No Response: Calgary 2 – Oilers 4

  1. The performance of the Flames during the first two periods had been admirable particularly after holding a two goal lead. However, their inability to hang on was difficult to decipher. Solid goaltending (or lack of) may be the answer because the Flames outshot their opponents for most part….Ironically, nothing seems to be working….hard work, leisure, videos….
    Hello guys, striving for the two points is all that matters. The league is getting tougher by the day….and there is no time for trial and errors here…..Solid performance is required by all on ice……