Losers Yet Again: Calgary 1 – Columbus 2 (OT)

We know the Flames are terrible, but they used to compete. There was a drive to their game that was exciting. This is unfortunately the same old Flames identity from last season minus a handful of skilled players. It makes for very boring hockey, and if the hockey is boring then nobody should be watching, which a bulk of fans have stopped, and so will I.

Boring games, little to talk about, no storylines, no players stepping up, although perhaps the best save we’ll see this season courtesy of Reto Berra, but other than that–snore.

One Comment on “Losers Yet Again: Calgary 1 – Columbus 2 (OT)

  1. The third period offensive burst was nice to watch; and after Joe Colborne’s goal, it had seemed that the Flames will grab the two points. But alas, the spanking that the Jackets had received the previous night (at the hands of the Oilers) had certainly “pumped up their adrenalin” and they were determined to steal…and they did.

    By and large the two penalty calls against Dennis Wideman (for holding) and Chris Butler (for tripping) had been unfairly called. I cannot imagine a single game being played without a team being penalized.

    In closing, this is what is expected in a rebuild; and the skill will ultimately come although it may take a long time (according to the Bleacher’s report). We need to be patient with this team…..