Flames Fail to Clinch in Rough and Tumble Game

Flames Fail to Clinch in Rough and Tumble Game

63 penalty minutes handed out in a game that could’ve seen Calgary clinch a playoff spot. They’ll eventually get there, but this was more of a statement game, and the Flames failed miserably.

All eyes on Matthew Tkachuck, his first game vs the Kings after the elbow to Doughty’s face. The game had extra antics with Tkachuk answering the bell, while still taking runs at Doughty. Gotta love the guy’s tenacity.

Here are some key takeaways from the game.

  • Jarome Iginla still has fight left. he looks terrible in a Kings jersey and won’t be making the playoffs yet again because he continues to pick loser teams. Nonetheless, he was a monster tonight and lead the Kings to victory, reminiscent of days gone by…. Gives you an idea that if he can pull whatever’s left in the tank, we could lose Brouwer in expansion and sign Iggy for his last hoorah. Only in our dreams.
  • The Powerplay is cold, ice-cold, at the worst time. Brouwer continues to spend time on that unit and it’s basically a wasted spot.
  • In a rough game Ferland was noticeably quiet.
  • Calgary can’t find any offence, and the 3rd and 4th line combos need help. The solution? Well someone needs to pick up the slack before the coaches can figure out who to move around. Maybe Lazar from the box?

The playoff position possibilities for the Calgary Flames will depend on their play in the final six games. They play all Pacific division teams, including LA again, and if they pull together some wins against bigger, heavier teams, they could wind up 1st, 2nd, 3rd, or where they’re at now, looking at a playoff date with Anaheim……. Tune in Friday to see what pans out.

One thought on “Flames Fail to Clinch in Rough and Tumble Game

  1. The penalty in minutes were astounding, but had been expected. Nonetheless, Matthew Tkachuck should not be targeted for the ramifications last night …the bloody day had not been fun to watch and consequential to the pregame skate incident. If the Flames fail to clinch a playoff spot then fans should appreciate that at least the well being of players will remain intact. There is far too much violence in hockey and the health of the Calgary Flames team takes precedence over the rough and tumble play.

    The ice cold power play had also been disconcerting but as Brett had previously mentioned, someone must have forgotten to pay the electricity bill…..

    Conclusively, the home team didn’t play a steadfast game to demonstrate their competence; which is optimal to gain entry into post season. But Iggy over Brouwer….not even in our dreams please….

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