Revisiting the Non High-Stick

Revisiting the Non High-Stick

This is a picture of an NHL sized net. It measures 4×6. That’s four feet high by six feet wide.

Last night’s game featured this goal that was ruled NOT a high-stick (good goal).

This frame is an instant after the puck struck the stick, so it was fractionally higher.

Remember the rule: any contact with the puck with the stick above the crossbar (four feet) is high sticking.

Here’s what the secret team in Toronto ruled.

Now, get a tape measure. A man standing about 6’3″ on skates, his belly button is four feet. Nate Thompson hits the puck below his SHOULDERS. NHL rules stick was at or below the belly button.

What kind of tomfoolery is this?!

You be the judge. Did the league blow it? Again? Against the Flames franchise? It’s the #widemaneffect all over again. You see the mistake, it’s obvious, the data correlates, but there’s nothing you can do about it.


Edit: Check out this blog post for scientific analysis. Of course, the NHL won’t employ this kind of review process, but to suggest they don’ thave the technology to get it right, well, what’s the point of review if every decision is ambiguous?

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  1. The effect these judgmental calls on our players in indescribable; but the aftermath of the 2015 playoffs still remain conspicuous when the cameras captured everything that happened on ice before and after the Flames’ victory in Game 3. Fast-forwarding to the present, the score had been tied at 2 at the end of two periods in Game 2; and Flames were leading 4-2 at the end of the first period last night. Even without any cameras to capture the on-goings during the intermission; technological advancement has empowered men with devices that can be used without discretion. Isn’t the message is loud and clear; and so are the repercussions.

    Subsequently, the Wideman effect should not be taken into account because Antoine Vermette had also been suspended for his violations. Hence, the only conclusion that can be drawn from all these biases is that someone does not want the Flames to win.

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