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2012-2013 Calgary Flames Stanley Cup Run

FlamesForum readers welcome back! A new season is finally upon us and regardless of where you sit on the collective bargaining debacle if you have any ounce of interest in hockey then you’re sure to be curious about… Read More

Flames Fights v Chicago

Three fights on tap so I figured I’d upload them here. [youtube=]

Flames Fights This Week 11/1-9/08

I cant remember which reporter covered a Sutter quote that Eric Godard was ‘at the end of this career’ or something to that matter. Godard is fighting regularly, winning big bouts, and our answer, Roy, has played three… Read More

Flames – Canucks Fight Card

Well mind as well revel in the fist a cuffs that took place. The scorecard reveals 1-1-1 IMO. Iginla TKO on Mitchell (no Vancouver idiots, Mitchell did not ‘win’) [youtube=]

Flames Fights Last Week: Mar 17-24

Some unusual characters dropped the gloves but also the usual suspects. Let us begin (and include the Minnesota game as well). Sarich draws with Fedoruk [youtube:]

Calgary Flames Fights Last Week

Godard TKO’s Erskine [youtube:] Mar 10 – 16 Flames Fights

Flames Fights Last Week

Parker v Godard 2008 [youtube:] Feb 24-29 Flames Fights

BOA Fights

The latest installment of the Battle of Alberta that saw numerous majors: [youtube=] (bless them) ranked Moreau with the 86% win. Actually, is cool, the idiot Yankees who vote in the system know jack about hockey… Read More

Flames Fights Week Wrap up

Some fights you may have missed: Smith and Hinote again (maybe a third time tomorrow?) [youtube=] Godard v Laraque, not much of a fight here other than Laraque punching someone in the back of the head. [youtube=] Smith… Read More

Blues Flames Fights

There wasn’t any scoring by the Flames, but at least the forth line chucked em good. First up Godard v King. Big haymakers but nothing much landing. Funny how they just break themselves up at the end. [youtube=]… Read More