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Brian McGrattan vs Daniel Maggio Round 2

Flames suck, but here’s something interesting. Round 2 after McGrattan was knocked out by Maggio in January. Let’s just say Maggio had no chance.

Post All-Star Game Wrap Up 2016

A photo posted by Calgary Flames (@nhlflames) on Jan 31, 2016 at 5:26pm PST It’s been over a decade since I last watched an All-Star game but the hoopla around John Scott piqued my interest enough to turn… Read More

Calgary Flames Shine at Awards Ceremony NHL 2015

With four, the Calgary Flames organization had the most nominees in this year’s NHL Awards ceremony. They took home two. First off a rant. NHL awards are a sham. West had won 5 of the last 6 cups,… Read More

Chicago Blackhawks Win 2014-15 Stanley Cup

Congrats. And those TV ratings make Gary proud. The highest views in 18 years. Thank Chicago for that. Top reason why/how? Awesome. But not that the Hawks won; but at least it was the Bolts. Until next season!

Another rant on the stupidity of the Arizona Coyotes

Guest post by Rev. K. The City Council of Glendale will hold a meeting to decide the future, again, of the local hockey franchise. Why on earth does the NHL want to continue plugging away at this beleaguered… Read More

2014 Stanley Cup Finals Begins – Video of Winners Since 1949

If you’re paying attention to the Finals then may the best team win. Here’s a cool video to take a look at.

Cool Infographic All-Time Performance of NHL Franchises

With the Calgary Flames rolling rookie after rookie, not sitting in the basement, yet still quite far away from contending, this graph offers a nice historical picture of the franchise and all others. Thank God for the 80s.

2012-2013 NHL Saved – Short Season Arrives

The waiting finally ended much to the delight of hardcore fans, owners, players, and probably the most thankful, all the people who work in the service industry who’ve taken a hit with the absence of hockey. It’s true,… Read More

November Games Cancelled

Surprising nobody, NHL games for the entire month of November has been cancelled. The rumor is December we’ll see hockey. Most notable events around December Winter Classic where tons of money is thought to be changing hands. THe… Read More

NHL Lockout

No hockey. Hooray :( But unlike TSN and their 6 hours of coverage of nothing in particular, we’re going to shut off the lights. No point covering the worse professional sports league when it comes to work stoppages.