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Season Closes With Win: Calgary 5 – Anaheim 2

Well the Flames ended the season with two wins, but overall it’s one of the worst in recent memory. Calgary chalked up a measly 90 points good for 10th (or 9th) in the Western Conference. There were a… Read More

Another Atrocious CBC Game: Calgary 2 – Vancouver 3

Just two thoughts after yet another loss from the Flames. 1. I didn’t think Karlsson was that bad. Despite the horrid commentary on him he was decent. The only issue was, Leland Irving is decent too. I was… Read More

Flames Gift Wrapped Win: Calgary 5 – Dallas

Back and forth they went with the Flames finally hanging on for the win with PP goals, weak goals against, and everything in between. 5 games left, 3 points out, chances are slim. Do you still have hope?… Read More

Nope. Calgary 1 – Dallas 4

Even at their best the Flames can’t compete. They threw everything they had at Dallas and fell short. That should be indicative to management that when everyone is playing at their ‘best’ this team is and 11th place… Read More

Garbage. Flames 2 – Minnesota 3 (SO)

Flames should be embarrassed. Stay on the road boys, nobody wants you back here. Seems Sutter gave up too. We know the top players are dragging their feet (less Kipper, who I blame whole heartedly for no rebuild… Read More

Put a Fork in it, they’re done. Calgary 1 – Colorado 2 (OT)

When it matters most the Flames folded the tent. From top to bottom, at crunch time, the tema can’t compete. Blame Miikka Kiprusoff for putting the Flames in the current position. He plays so well that the team… Read More

Weak Effort in Must Win: Calgary 1 – Columbus 2 (SO)

For some reason this season was one where Calgary COULDN”T beat teams at the bottom of the standings if their lives depended on it. Tonight it did and they put in a weak effort. Losing to Edmonton, one… Read More

Flames Fail Against Sad Oilers: Edmonton 3 – Calgary 1

The Flames can ill afford to drop points against ‘NHL’ hockey clubs like the sad Edmonton Oilers. The Flames have to play better than .700 (3 losses) in the remaining eleven games if they have any hope on… Read More

Calgary 4 – Phoenix 1

The race continues to the post-season as the Flames are making the most of their chances and particular individual Flames are taking their chances while they have them as well. After a come from behind victory last night… Read More

Matt Freakin Ragin Stajan Pots Winner: Caglary 3 – San Jose 2 (OT)

With only a dozen games left, and the Flames by my count only capable of losing four more, the upcoming schedule can’t get any more favorable for the Flames. Or to put another way, the chances of the… Read More