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Back on Track 2.0? Flames 5 – Blackhawks 2

It was this time last year, against the Chicago Blawkhawks no less, when the Flames pulled out of a losing funk in a big way. Tonight, the Flames faced the league’s best in an attempt to right a sinking ship. Teams rarely make it to the playoffs if they don’t sit in a spot by American Thanksgiving.

That’s next Thursday, the Flames have a chance, but they gotta win 40 more games this year….. Well they got off to a good start tonight.

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Powerplay Lifeless as Flames Drop Yet Another: Calgary 1 – Ottawa 3

Calgary can’t even beat average teams demonstrating they are below average despite playing nearly to the max of the cap and with largely the same team that went on the great run from last year. At this point in time, Calgary is in fact a WORSE team than the squad from last year at this time.

Team’s who aren’t in the playoff picture come American Thanksgiving rarely rarely make up the ground. That day is next Thursday. Right now, the beleaguered club has no more options from within. They can’t call up any more players or demote fat cats like Stajan or Sarich. The crippling tenure of Darryl Sutter has left its mark and will remain for years to come.

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Pull the Trigger Feaster: Calgary 1 – Chicago 4

This team is done.

Pull the trigger Feaster, this Calgary Flames squad is WORSE than last year’s team. Even though it looks the same, it’s been sunk into oblivion by DARRYL SUTTER and we’re paying a hefty price today.

Feaster admittedly tried to shake things up putting in 3 new players: Brodie and Byron from the minors, and Backlund off IR. Now he’s gotta do more, unless he’s thrown in the towel.

Things didn’t look much better, maybe a bit quicker, but the same stupid system that can’t score goals and win games. It’s close to being over folks, statistically you do’nt get into the playoffs if you’re not sitting there come American Thanksgiving.

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Another Abysmal Performance: Calgary 0 – Minnesota 2

Outshooting and outworking the opposition is meaningless if you keep losing game in and game out.

The Calgary Flames, in true pathetic on-again off-again fashion, stank out the ‘Dome laying another egg. Despite having the most shots, most chances, and most powerplay time, they couldn’t even score one goal, let alone enough to win. This team plays near the cap maximum yet consistently plays below average. Their on-ice product is not only bewildering management, but it’s starting to look a lot like the crappy Flames of the 90s. Do we really need 10 years, some #1 draft picks like the Oilers, in order to turn this around? Right now it looks like it.

Right now changes are needed. RIGHT NOW.

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Back on Track? calgary 2 – colorado 1

After hanging out their backup goalie out to dry in Buffalo, the Flames took four of a possible six points on their brief three game road-trip. Tonight vs. Colorado Calgary held on for a win, but my gawd this team plays exceptionally boring and uninspiring hockey.

I suppose we should expect to some degree a lack of ingenuity. GM Jay Feaster clearly stated that the team isn’t build to ‘score of the rush’ but after cycling down low. Well if that gets you a Stanley Cup OK, but I’ll be snoring all the way.

Plus there’s the whole problem with making the playoffs first. Winning two out of every 3 games would be good enough, but Calgary has yet to display that type of consistency.

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Iggy Flash Puts Flames on Track: Calgary 4 – Detroit 1

It wasn’t pretty but Calgary managed to hold the Detroit Red Wings off long enough to pot two points and get back to .500 on the season. After a 5-1 debacle against Vancouver, the Flames embarked on a road-swing that began tonight.

Detroit, for their part, are having their own troubles this season with a record similar to that of the Flames. There were no less than a dozen NHL scouts in attendance as both teams size up the possibility for changes. For the Flames, Nik Hagman continues to sit in the dog house; Anton Babchuk finally got some game action after sitting a number of games.

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Pathetic. Calgary Disgraced at Home

What a way to end a homestand, forget to show up. The league’s second oldest team not only looks slow and pathetic, but they lack complete desire and heart.

I didn’t even wait for the final score. I shut it off by the second period. This team is done. They’re WORSE than last year at this time and show ZERO signs of improvement.

Simply put:

  • The defence is pathetic. If Cory Sarich and Smith are your 5 & 6 you’re pathetic. Bouwmeester is a best and Giordano is Gio
  • The offence is bunk. Jarome Iginla. You have 4 points. It’s a disgrace. Your 7 million is only less burdensome than Bouwmeesters 7 million or Stajan’s 4 million. The team completely lacks heart down the middle and there are no leaders stepping up. A sad affair. Expect changes to come very soon.

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Flames Win Dud: Calgary 3 – St Louis 1

Not sure anybody saw this game given the World Series of Baseball took place at the same time as the hockey game. Probably a good thing since it was boring. Calgary in the least strung together their first back to back wins of the season, just did it by putting all the ghosts and ghouls to sleep.

Missing in action are Calgary top lines. Jarome Iginla and Alex Tanguay can’t seem to sustain pressure nor create offensive chances. On the other end Miikka Kiprusoff did his part to keep the Flames on top (although the Blues missing wide open nets on multiple occasions helped.)

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Not bad. Calgary 4 – Colorado 2

The Calgary Flames picked up a much needed win in game three of their 6 game homestand. Their third win of the season was a result of a solid first period and timely goaltending late in the third. Coming into the game the Avs were unbeaten on the road, whereas Calgary were looking for ways to turn good effort into wins.

Colorado opened the scoring despite Calgary’s relentless pursuit. You had the feeling they were ‘doing the right things’ but were going to wind up on the short end of the stick yet again. Calgary threw over 20 shots on net during the first period alone and were finally rewarded when Roman Horak scored his first NHL goal on his butt. That seemed to breathe life in the Flames’ attack.

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It was over the line! Flames Fail Yet Again: Calgary 0 – Nashville 2

What’s with Calgary and getting the short end of the stick when it comes to goal reviews? 2004. That’s all I have to say. Well this afternoon the Calgary Flames were looking for a win to back on track after a last second loss to NY on Thursday. The troubled Flames are parched for goals and so far nobody is stepping up.

Calgary was getting plugged by the typical boring Nashville style of play. Nashville goalie Rinne has never beat the Flames for some odd reason, not that this useful fact factored into the game where Calgary mostly dominated play but yet again couldn’t find way to capitalize on their chances.

The Flames are like an untalented child. You give them praise for all their hard work because that’s all they’re good at. No skill, no wins, no creativity. Only co-ed rec league players deserves praise for ‘just being there’. Million dollar hockey players shouldn’t be praised for controlling pretty much every aspect of the game, as was the case this afternoon, yet fail to win and even score a single goal.

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