Another Quality Loss: Calgary 1 – Dallas 2 (SO)

When the Flames fail to make the post-season yet again they can surely blame man-game lost. They lead the NHL by a long shot. Tonight another two players out, Bouma and Comeau. Not that they’re contributors offensively, but… Read More

Can’t win in Anaheim: Calgary 2 – Ducks 3

Three word game review: heartbreaking Anaheim loss. Calgary won’t make the playoffs this year (can only lose maybe 4-5 more games in the last 17) because they can’t beat the likes of NYI, Columbus, and Anaheim. It’s that… Read More

Almost Lost: Calgary 4 – Phoenix 2

What’s with the ability of the Calgary Flames to blow huge leads gift wrapped to them in the first period of play? They have a knack at one thing, inconsistency, and now one other–blowing first period leads. They… Read More

Flames Drop Another Pant Load: Calgary 1 – St Louis 3

Three word review. Mission in action.

Not Again. Flames 4 – Flyers 5 (SO)

Will Feaster Blow it Up? The worst lead in hockey is any lead the Flames have. After the GM went public with his displeasure with the non-existent intensity in Calgary’s game the team responded with much of the… Read More

Another Lazy Loss: Calgary 3 – Phoenix 4 (SO)

Three word game review: pathetic second period. You know how many people care about hockey in Phoenix? 7. You know how many players on the Flames give a damn in a playoff race? 3. And Matt Stajan is… Read More

Pathetic Effort by Calgary Flames

Three word game review. Pathetic. Lazy. Embarrassing.

Kiprusoff Steals Two points, Flames in Playoff Position: Calgary 1 – LA 0

Recording his 4th shutout of the season, Miikka Kiprusoff back stopped the Flames to victory giving the team their first playoff position for over a year (and first this season). Sitting alone in 8th thanks to timely saves… Read More

Flames Drop Point in Dallas: Calgary 2 – Dallas 3 (SO)

Dallas is another one of those sad teams that struggles to even fill half the arena on any given night. They have no business having a franchise but the Gary Bettman expansion put a team in the middle… Read More

Flames Bounce Leafs: Calgary 5 – Toronto 1

Calgary has now picked up points in their last six games, and sit just 3 points out of 6th position in the race for the playoffs. A far cry to the November debacle. Although every game from here… Read More