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Calgary Flames 2 – Carolina Hurricanes 1 (OT)

Late game heroics aren’t the MO for the Calgary Flames. What they’re known for is blowing third period leads and folding the tent late. This same thing happened in this game. Devoid of offence once again, albeit they’re… Read More

Jarome Iginla Returns to Dome: Flames Fall Again

Calgary 1 – Boston 2 Jarome Iginla returned to the Saddledome for the first time since being traded at the end of last season. His pre-game welcome was met by a warm reception from fans. That disruption luckily… Read More

Baertschi Blows it for Flames; Calgary 2 – Chicago 3

The mantra before the game was a ‘consistent 60 minute effort’. After a four game hiatus the Flames faced the visiting Stanley Cup champs only to be badly outmatched in the skill column. Nonetheless their game plan responded… Read More

Losers Yet Again: Calgary 1 – Columbus 2 (OT)

We know the Flames are terrible, but they used to compete. There was a drive to their game that was exciting. This is unfortunately the same old Flames identity from last season minus a handful of skilled players…. Read More

No Response: Calgary 2 – Oilers 4

For almost 7 years the Edmonton Oilers have been rebuilding. They’ll be going for another 7 at this rate. Their ability as an organization to build a winner despite the talent is zip. Calgary is in year 1… Read More

Utterly Terrible: Calgary 3 – Dallas 7

We knew there’d be growing pains, but wow, the Calgary Flames put up a horrific night. The worse part about the debacle? Not just one part, but many, like these: 1) The best we can do on the… Read More

Calgary 2 – San Jose 3 (OT)

A couple of firsts in a game that Calgary somehow hung in and tied up. First, Reto Berra made his home debut. He faced over 30 shots and was steady less two goals he had no chance on…. Read More

Flames 2 – Blues 3 : curious coaching moves

Coaching decisions are the headline after the most recent Flames loss. After being manhandled 5v5 (ref looked the other way on infractions but the Flames didn’t push back) Calgary clawed back in the third to make it close… Read More

Baptism By Fire: Flames Beat Blackhawks 3-2 (OT)

There were a number of rare occurrences in Chicago. The Calgary Flames opened up what should be a challenging road-swing (aren’t they all?) against the Stanley Cup Champs no less. For one, Calgary hasn’t won in Chicago in… Read More

Calgary 2 – Toronto 4 : Bandwagon Torontonians Fill ‘Dome

The Calgary Flames dominated the Toronto Maple Leafs outshooting their opponents 44-22. The reason the Flames lost, untimely giveaways and running into a brick wall in Jon Bernier. What was unusual about this game was the sheer number… Read More