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Kiprusoff Puts in Terrible Game As Flames Fall: Calgary 3 – Avalanche 6

Every game is a must win game in a 48 game season. If you’re the Flames, and you can even be bothered to win games against teams that are less than stellar, to put mildly, then you have no business even showing up, and post-season hopes are out the window. Maybe Pierre Lebrun is right, the ownership is doing everyone a disservice by dragging out this pathetic team till it’s ragged and lifeless.

Calgary certainly did have life versus the Avalanche at home who themselves were playing their second game is as many nights.

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First Win: Calgary 4 – Edmonton 3

Well that’s a bit more like it. Calgary strung together a near 60 minute game to come out victorious against an Edmonton squad that hasn’t bested the Flames for points in ages. With the first win under the belt the team has a better idea what it takes to take two points, namely playing to their potential every shift (do you remember the ‘all out every shift’ campaign?….)

The talk beforehand was the potential benching of Sven Baertschi; a chance to see Calgary’s youth stacked up against Edmonton’s. That plot-line didn’t materialze, the young guns didn’t factor heavily in this game, Baertschi practically non-existant.

There were other gamers tonight that brought their hat and pail, the likes of Bouwmeester and Iginla for starters.

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Shootout Loss: Calgary 2 – Vancouver 3 (SO)

What’s it going to take for this team to put together a victory? Three games in and nothing. Things look to be tightening up, but in a short season if all you’re taking from games is ‘positives’ you’re a losing team at the end of the day.

Both teams entered the contest looking for their first victory. Calgary got off to what seems to be their usual start–nice a slow and behind the eight ball. Thankfully they didn’t drop down 3 goals. They waited until the second period before going down two.

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Half & Half: Flames 4 – Anaheim 5

After 40 minutes worth of funk a night before in the home opener, Flames bench boss practically guaranteed, “we will be better”. Well after the first 20 minutes of this game one had to wonder. 3-0, early goals, the team playing demonstrably bad. Fans rolling their eyes and the coach clearly incapable of leading his troops. Leading the way with his second straight lackluster game, Jay Bouwmeester, lolly gagging around the ice -2 before 15 minutes were even done. Every time I see that guy I remember ‘Darryl Sutter’ and the bygone era that’s left a bad taste in my mouth.

It’s a bitter taste that’s crippled this team.

But here we are, new year, new faces, still weak at center (paging Hudler and Cervenka….) and down 0-3 early. The worst possible scenario.

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Season Opener Fail: Calgary 1 – San Jose 4

Maybe a coaching change can’t help this team after all. It’s not a full ‘rebuild’ so any talk about ‘look at the positives coming out of this’ is a moot point–there’s not time to ‘look at the positives’.

After a lengthy lockout that ended with the start of a shortened season, the Calgary Flames opened the 2012-2013 season at home versus the San Jose Sharks. Whether you’re boycotting the game (or the entire season as many have), or you’re crawling back to NHL hockey, there was a certain level of excitement in the air this weekend in Cowtown.

Most NHL pundits have pitted Calgary to finished somewhere near the bottom of the league. Lack of talent, lack of grit, lack of pretty much everything–nobody has the Flames even close to entering the playoff picture.

On paper the opening season lineup looks like a bottom basement dweller team. The likes of career 4th line plugger Steve Begin factored in as the starting 4th line center somehow. Admittedly, he did put up OK faceoff stats, and his penalty killing was good, but apart from that you have to wonder why? Lack of talent is apparent especially given the Flames are missing two key pieces from their off-season acquisitions–Roman Cervenka and Jiri Hudler. Both play center, an empty space for the Flames currently.

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Season Closes With Win: Calgary 5 – Anaheim 2

Well the Flames ended the season with two wins, but overall it’s one of the worst in recent memory. Calgary chalked up a measly 90 points good for 10th (or 9th) in the Western Conference.

There were a few bright spots throughout the year, we’ll cover that in a post-season article. For the most part it was biter disappointment that should lead to some of the most turnover in the lineup during the off season in some time.

This afternoon’s tilt was boring for all the normal reasons. Two teams playing for no purpose, afternoon game, everyone looking for a quick exit.

Akim Aliu obviously had different ideas.

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Another Atrocious CBC Game: Calgary 2 – Vancouver 3

Just two thoughts after yet another loss from the Flames.

1. I didn’t think Karlsson was that bad. Despite the horrid commentary on him he was decent. The only issue was, Leland Irving is decent too. I was hoping Karlsson would steal the game and prove his worth, but I’m slowly coming out of his camp.

2. What a disgusting display of play by play and color commentary from CBC. Mark Kelly is garbage, but both he and the color man have a love affair with Vancouver. If you love Luongo so much just marry the dude! It’s times like this I’m happy that the Conservative government wants to pull CBC funding. Just plain pathetic coverage through and through.

Oh yea, Flames suck too.

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Flames Gift Wrapped Win: Calgary 5 – Dallas

Back and forth they went with the Flames finally hanging on for the win with PP goals, weak goals against, and everything in between. 5 games left, 3 points out, chances are slim. Do you still have hope? I’m off the wagon…. Heck, i had free tickets to go to the game and turned them down.

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Nope. Calgary 1 – Dallas 4

Even at their best the Flames can’t compete. They threw everything they had at Dallas and fell short. That should be indicative to management that when everyone is playing at their ‘best’ this team is and 11th place team. Changes? Never. So long as Flames fans continue buying tickets to watch this team and the owners make money, there’s no huge changes coming down the pipe. Next year we may have a new face or two, but largely status quo. Hooray. < -- Sarcasm.

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Garbage. Flames 2 – Minnesota 3 (SO)

Flames should be embarrassed. Stay on the road boys, nobody wants you back here.

Seems Sutter gave up too. We know the top players are dragging their feet (less Kipper, who I blame whole heartedly for no rebuild because of his stellar play). Sutter played the 3-4th lines in the shootouts, wow.

But who cares. This season is done. Go outside and ride your bike. Get away from the lousy Flames and pre yourself for the Stamps. Way to fold the tent even before the season was done.

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