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Not Again. Flames 4 – Flyers 5 (SO)

Will Feaster Blow it Up?

The worst lead in hockey is any lead the Flames have. After the GM went public with his displeasure with the non-existent intensity in Calgary’s game the team responded with much of the same, if not worse. Threatening whole sale changes in the midst of playoff run, Jay Feaster seemed ready to pull the trigger if Calgary didn’t fix their game. They haven’t. Will he stay true to his word?

Offensively, Matt Stajan is the #1 threat. But before he got going the Flames were gift wrapped 3 goals. That’s a 3-0 lead squandered. Worse than Pheonix two nights ago. MIA was the top line yet again. Curtis Glencross is not the answer coming back from injury. Things are so bad (getting worse) Calgary couldn’t even muster 22 shts on goal thru 3 periods. Philly shot 45.

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Another Lazy Loss: Calgary 3 – Phoenix 4 (SO)

Three word game review: pathetic second period.

You know how many people care about hockey in Phoenix? 7.

You know how many players on the Flames give a damn in a playoff race? 3. And Matt Stajan is one of them. How bad is that?

Calgary took the second period off in a game that should’ve been gift wrapped for them. Instead, they squandered two valuable points, gave the team in front of them two unnecessary points, and have no answer for their pathetic lazy play.

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Pathetic Effort by Calgary Flames

Three word game review.

Pathetic. Lazy. Embarrassing.

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Kiprusoff Steals Two points, Flames in Playoff Position: Calgary 1 – LA 0

Recording his 4th shutout of the season, Miikka Kiprusoff back stopped the Flames to victory giving the team their first playoff position for over a year (and first this season). Sitting alone in 8th thanks to timely saves by their goalie, Calgary can now take a few days off and prep for the Oilers on Tuesday.

Scoring woes continue for Calgary, the first line didn’t score which usually means nobody will score. Thankfully amazing stops by Kipper meant any goal by any body would translate into a win. That has been typical of games between these two teams; LA is the league’s lowest scoring team too.

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Flames Drop Point in Dallas: Calgary 2 – Dallas 3 (SO)

Dallas is another one of those sad teams that struggles to even fill half the arena on any given night. They have no business having a franchise but the Gary Bettman expansion put a team in the middle of Texas. Thankfully, that does benefit the league since garbage players like Ott, Riberio, and Robidas. Ott is your typical under your skin player, but Riberio and Robidas? I don’t know why those players need to epitomize garbage players. And otherwise exciting game was tipped in Dallas’ favour by a beautiful Robidas embellishment. What was otherwise an exciting game to watch was marred by these *insert expletive here* players.

Calgary had a chance to own sole spot of 8th place with a win and a Pheonix loss. Instead they are now three points out of the final playoff spot after their loss and a Phoenix win. A good point given their injury situation, but an ominous lack of scoring that’s rearing its ugly head.

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Flames Bounce Leafs: Calgary 5 – Toronto 1

Calgary has now picked up points in their last six games, and sit just 3 points out of 6th position in the race for the playoffs. A far cry to the November debacle. Although every game from here on in counts, the Flames look like a team that has confidence and is ready to battle for wins over 60 minute stretches. On the other hand, the team also looks like the Flames of yesteryear when the top line–the only line–did most of the damage offensive. Same holds true recently due to the spat of injuries.

A shout-out to Leaf fans at the rink. I can’t believe you still cheer so hardcore for a team that’s done nothing but lose for the past 20 years.

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Massive Win: Calgary 3 – Vancouver 2 (SO)

Sorry for the late post, it was stuck in ‘draft’

First things first, Calgary, missing their second and third lines almost entirely, overcame massive adversity to capture two very important points in their sometimes futile race for the playoffs. Coming into the game the Flames new the Balir Jones would be lost for the season after blocking a shot in Pheonix, that left the Flames with 3 centerman. Today Backlund went down with an apparently shoulder injury which further puts the Flames behind at center.

Before we go further. What’s with the ‘LOOOOUUUUU’ chants? Luongo made maybe one good save on Iginla’s breakaway. Other than not much going on. Everyone in Vancouver knows the #1 is now Cory Schneider. Frankly, all the ‘LOOOUUU’ chants for average saves has probably inflated the goalie’s ego to the point he can’t make basic saves!

Every time I hear ‘fans’ do this I can’t help but think of doing this in my head. (Of course, don’t do it for real, just watch the video to get it out of your system.)

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Flames Squandering Golden Opportunities: Calgary 1 – Phoenix 2 (SO)

The Phoenix Coyotes not only have no names on their team, but they have nobody in their arena. Half filled with Flames fans, and half filled with ticket giveaways, the rink with what looked like 9000 strong watched their team work just that bit harder than the visiting squad to net two invaluable points in the playoff race.

A Flames win would’ve put them one point out of 8th. They couldn’t even muster that. Injuries continue to mount as Alex Tanguay played sparingly after taking a puck to the face. Yet another blow to the Flames offence, one they can’t take anymore of. But for what it’s worth, Calgary had their chances but fell short. They can blame fatigue with their back to back game but bottom line they couldn’t find a way to win or carry their momentum from SJ’s win forward. That’s what playoff teams do and this team has demonstrated they can’t make it happen.

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Jokinen and Kiprusoff Lead Flames to Crucial Win: Calgary 4 – San Jose 3

I always knew that this year’s much cheaper version of Jokinen would be a welcomed addition to the Flames lineup. He currently leads the team in points and is also leading the playoff push playing some of his best hockey in the past 5 seasons.

Tonight he was dominant with the first line (the only scoring line unfortunately) notching his 7th career hat-trick for a four point night on the way to a hard fought win and crucial two points. It was only a matter of days ago when Jokinen got his first goal of 2012. The tongue in cheek solution to his scoring woes? A McDonalds Big Mac. Even though it made him a bit sick to the stomach it seems to be working :P.

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Flames Squander Points: Calgary 2 – Anaheim 3 (SO)

The largely ineffective Nik Hagman had the last laugh in the shoot-out, in the 8th round no less, to sink the Flames in a game where they NEEDED two points. I suppose every game is a MUST-WIN, but it becomes more apparent when you’re playing bottom basement dwelling teams of which the Flames have a complete inability to beat.

Anaheim itself has been the bane of the Calgary Flames existence, they haven’t won there in now 14 contests.

Flames Hang Kipper Out

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