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Flames Take Four Points in Back to Back vs Dallas and Nashville

The playoffs are one step closer after Calgary took four points in their most recent back-to-back road games vs Nashville and Dallas. Last night, the Flames scored 5 goals, including two from Lance Bouma (hate to see what… Read More

Squandering Points; Flames 3 – Stars 4 (SO)

With only 9 games remaining in the season the young Calgary Flames team dropped more points against a non-playoff contending team. Surprisingly at this point in the season the team appeared ill-prepared. With one of the top PKs… Read More

Flames Pancaked vs Blues

Calgary 0 – St Louis 4 Calgary doesn’t really play games where the goalies steal shutouts. There were a few odd games early in the season where Hiller stole some points, but since then, not much happening. You… Read More

Say, ‘No’, to NHL Loser Points

On what planet do losers get rewarded with points? Well, actually, lots of sports, but so few have the point scheme the NHL does, and teams that win more games actually sit lower in the standings. Once again,… Read More

NHL Officiating Takes a Dive: Calgary 1 – NY 0

If you want evidence of NHL officials taking pre-game bribes then this game was Exhibit A. Well, maybe not, but the referees were horrid. Multiple breakaways and ensuing trips that lead to no calls was the MO of… Read More

Calgary 3 – Vancouver 2

There haven’t been many wins against the Canucks over the years, but every single one is glorious. Beating the most hated franchise in any professional sport is pure bliss. A solid win for the good guys in a… Read More

The Truck Keeps Rolling: Calgary 3 – SJ 1

Who do thought that at the beginning of the season come beginning of February the Calgary Flames would be sent in second and the Pacific division? Not I, not the pundits, not nobody. What do you think about… Read More

Come From Behind #9

Calgary Beats Edmonton Yet Again. It must be brutal being an Edmonton Oilers fan. The team had a two goal third period lead, but as we all know by now, third periods are a kind of specialty for… Read More

Calgary Flames Drop Crucial Winnable Game to Minnesota

Calgary had a chance to prove they were a playoff caliber team, even an 8th place team, but still, but they showed they’re the same old tired Flames. A couple of moments where you thought they’d get in… Read More

Flames Return for 4-1 Win Over Buffalo

The Calgary Flames have a knack for losing to teams with below .500 ratings. Buffalo came into the city with an 11 game losing streak under their belt. Calgary, after a brief All-Star break, looked to find their… Read More