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Put a Fork in it, they’re done. Calgary 1 – Colorado 2 (OT)

When it matters most the Flames folded the tent. From top to bottom, at crunch time, the tema can’t compete. Blame Miikka Kiprusoff for putting the Flames in the current position. He plays so well that the team looks better than they really are.

Sure, we can blame injuries, and let’s face it, that’s a huge reason why this team can’t compete. But it’s plain and simple, if nobody scores you don’t win. When you don’t beat the worst teams in the NHL you don’t win. Simple hockey.

Flames’ only hope is to run the tables now, and we know that won’t happen. Better luck next year fans…. SHould be a better season IMO. Things look bright.

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Weak Effort in Must Win: Calgary 1 – Columbus 2 (SO)

For some reason this season was one where Calgary COULDN”T beat teams at the bottom of the standings if their lives depended on it. Tonight it did and they put in a weak effort. Losing to Edmonton, one of the worst in the NHL, that hurt. What hurt more was the effort. Completely lacking in the third period. Tonight, against an EVEN WORSE team they put in the same effort, couldn’t score, and lost a MUST WIN game.

I said the Flames can only lose 2 more and make the post season. In reality, it’s over, you can’t beat Edmonton and Columbus back to back?!?!?! Try again next year Shames.

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Flames Fail Against Sad Oilers: Edmonton 3 – Calgary 1

The Flames can ill afford to drop points against ‘NHL’ hockey clubs like the sad Edmonton Oilers. The Flames have to play better than .700 (3 losses) in the remaining eleven games if they have any hope on making the playoffs…..what they can’t do it drop the games against sub.500 teams. Expect major changes to the lineup after this loss. FRom netminder (no more Leland Irving please, he’s subpar) to forward ranks, the Flames will get a much needed shake up and hopefully some help in the secondary scoring category.

A MUST win against another junky team Sunday vs. the Blue Jackets. Better make it two points boys or…. well, no point beating a dead horse.

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Calgary 4 – Phoenix 1

The race continues to the post-season as the Flames are making the most of their chances and particular individual Flames are taking their chances while they have them as well. After a come from behind victory last night against Vancouver, putting them at 81 points, the Coyotes looked to distance themselves from the Flames with a victory. Those hopes were dashed seconds into the game as Calgary jumped to an early lead thanks to–you guessed it–the storybook call up Sven Baertschi jumped on a loose puck to put the home team up by one. They never looked back after that goal.

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Matt Freakin Ragin Stajan Pots Winner: Caglary 3 – San Jose 2 (OT)

With only a dozen games left, and the Flames by my count only capable of losing four more, the upcoming schedule can’t get any more favorable for the Flames. Or to put another way, the chances of the post-season rest squarely on the final 12 games as the Flames only play teams they’re racing for the final few playoff spots.

One of those teams is SJ now sit tied with 78 points in the Western Conference. Calgary needed a win just to stay in contention with the likes of LA, Colorado, SJ, and Phoenix.

The FLames, despite missing 7 regular forwards, need unsung heroes to step up, and they’re getting help the right times.

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Fast Paced Affair Leads to Victory: Calgary 5 – Winnipeg 3

The Jets came to town. Years in the making the Winnipeg Jets returned to Calgary and with them came a multitude of fans. Something about the atmosphere in the rink and the torrid pace of Eastern Conference teams coming to the ‘Dome made for an exciting evening. Other than a mental breakdown late in the first period Calgary largely dominated the game; they also cashed in on a strong PP.

First start to Tanguay for his 4 point night….Flames are now 1 point out of 8th yet SJ has 2 games in hand. By my count they can only lose 4 more in the last 14. Go FLames…..

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Depleted Lineup Beats Montreal: Calgary 5 – Habs 4

Surprisingly Montreal came into Calgary the worst team in the league–and the Flames barely beat them. Things aren’t looking good. Jackman out with an injury (not that he was a goal scoring machine), so that essentially means two full lines from the AHL come Friday when the Jets come to town. Should be a great game, but one that the Flames are going to hard pressed to win given the rash of injuries.

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Another Quality Loss: Calgary 1 – Dallas 2 (SO)

When the Flames fail to make the post-season yet again they can surely blame man-game lost. They lead the NHL by a long shot. Tonight another two players out, Bouma and Comeau. Not that they’re contributors offensively, but it still adds up. ALl that to say, secondary scoring is non-existant on this team. In close games that’s the difference, which is every game down the stretch.

With the likes of, well, every other team in the final 7&8 playoff position race playing hot, the Flames are cooling to a freezing temperature incapable of winning games when it matters most.

It’s done. Calgary can only lose 4 more games in the last 16. Fat chance.

You off the bandwagon yet?

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Can’t win in Anaheim: Calgary 2 – Ducks 3

Three word game review: heartbreaking Anaheim loss.

Calgary won’t make the playoffs this year (can only lose maybe 4-5 more games in the last 17) because they can’t beat the likes of NYI, Columbus, and Anaheim. It’s that simple (well actually there are many other reasons why, but these are a few).

Season is slipping away fellas, find ANOTHER gear or it’s the end.

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Almost Lost: Calgary 4 – Phoenix 2

What’s with the ability of the Calgary Flames to blow huge leads gift wrapped to them in the first period of play? They have a knack at one thing, inconsistency, and now one other–blowing first period leads. They almost did it again after a first period ‘explosion’ of three goals. Lead by a fired up captain (I guess 1 out of every 3 games is not bad….) they Flames with new line combos came out swinging.

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