Jekyll and Hyde – Calgary Flames v Dallas

No matter how hard they try the Calgary Flames just can’t seem to drop behind the lowly Edmonton Oilers. Calgary is teetering on last place in the NHL, but right now they sit 29th place just ahead of Edmonton who are on yet another quest of the number one draft pick.

Whenever when wants to know is what’s wrong with this year’s edition? The demonstrable decline has perplexed everyone. This year’s Calgary Flames should’ve been last year’s edition. This team was supposed to be better. But they’re not.

Top to bottom they’re problems. Goaltending has been an issue despite the same tandem, albeit management’s debacle carrying a third goalie to start the season. The defense has been no less than terrible. Again only one change, and upgrade, but the veterans are dragging their skates. Giordano is mediocre at best. Wideman is a bust. Russel can’t play D.

Upfront the rookies are doing their thing, but even the likes of MOnahan, and Hudler, are all struggling to produce at last year’s clip.

That comes down to the system in the effort. Last year the third period comeback kids we’re always a pleasure to watch. This year, they’ve been boring and their inability to control puck possession it Is even more evident as teams slaughter them.

Then we get an interesting game like last night’s against Dallas. How can a team within a single game play at two complete extremes?

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Flames 3 – NJ 2

Thus far in the 2015 season the Flames have struggled is there periodperiod. That’s a far cry from last year when the team was one of the league’s top third period performers. Four times the Flames have had third period leads and lost, would the same collapse happen tonight?

Here’s the posting vignette.

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Flames End Road Trip With Loss

There’s still a number of questions surrounding this year’s Calgary Flames, most noticeably on the defensive line. Taking home 2 points of a possible eight on their four game road trip, the team suffered their most recent loss against the Chicago Blackhawks last night. The problems? Well if you want an idea of how far away this team is from contending just look at how they stack up against an elite team like the Hawks. To put it simply: they can’t compete.

Is my summary on what’s wrong with this team:

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Two in a Row Flames 5 – Pittsburgh 2

For the first time this season of the Flames have put together back to back wins.  the last time Pittsburgh was in town I remember leaving the game early because Crosby was lighting it up and a blowout was in the works.

Today was a little different, the shaky Flames have yet to win and regulation at home  that haven’t had a lot of luck against the Penguins. Is the post game vignette.

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Finding Their Way: Calgary 2 – Philadelphia 1 (OT)

Into just over 60 minutes but the Calgary Flames found a way to cap boring night of hockey into two  much-needed points.  The score sat at 1-1 after regulation as the two teams struggled to find their scoring touch. Here’s the post game vignette.

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Flames Win Second Battle of Alberta Instalment: Calgary 5 – Oilers 4

Sometimes you need to be lucky in order to be good. The Calgary Flames are not off to a good start, in fact they have begun the season with one of their worst in franchise history. To find some bounces to go their way would do wonders for their confidence. With only two wins on the season, and high expectations,  everyone is surprised of this year’s installment of Flames looks like what last year’s was supposed to look like.

Heading into Edmonton and their newly resurgent franchise complete with an innumerable number out first round picks,  a win would hopefully get the ball rolling in calories favorite. But there’s a problem. Actually three of them.

Here’s the post game vignette.

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Flames Comeback Win in OT: Detroit 2 – Calgary 3

There’re times during this game that the Flames of old fans are used to seeing briefly appeared. It says that the team is still working out the kinks with new bodies and the new season. Here’s the post game vignette.

  • I’m beginning to wonder whether or not the flames woes early on in the season is attributed to the coach’s insistence on playing favorites based on last years performance. How else can you explain Deryk Engelland playing on the second pairing on defence and failing horribly? Engelland  was routinely caught out of position and to penalties as a result. Dougie Hamilton played third pairing minutes but saw increased playing time in the third period. I’m all for using him in which the coaches should’ve done early on in the season, but the Engelland experiment is done. Can’t wait for Brodie to come back and put an end to this misery.
  • Speaking of defence the long-awaited return of Ladislav Smid is over. He returned to the lineup almost 9 months after facing injury. Is minutes on ice for limited but he faired pretty well.

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Flames Pounded 6-2 Versus Caps

There were few positives in this game as the Calgary Flames took another step back in their development. Right now, this team is this year’s Edmonton Oilers. Fans will be making gifs of 5 Flames players watching the puck like idiots and Capitals potting goal after goal. Here is tonight’s vignette.

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Tables Have Turned: Calgary 2 – Oilers 5

There was a time when the Calgary Flames used to dominate the Edmonton Oilers in the battle of Alberta. That time was the past 10 years if not more. But over the past 10 years Edmonton has been gifted first round draft pick after first round draft pick, and although messing it up for nearly a decade has made the organization and the laughing stock in the league, they are getting better. As for the Calgary Flames, they’re getting worse.

Here are the post game vignettes.

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Average Flames Drop Another: Calgary 1 – Winnipeg 3 posting vignettes continues.

Calgary quickly visited Winnipeg for a single game before returning home to face the Edmonton Oilers tomorrow night. The place look to get back on track after their recent loss against the St. Louis Blues. What we got instead was an average effort. Right now the team average while producing below average results.

  • Mark Giordano is not playing good hockey. Behind of the rest of the defensive core struggles.
  • Kari Ramo  crapped the bad yet again. This is either a goaltender problem in his inability to cover the shortside (every single team in the league knows go short side because Ramo cheats), or it’s a goaltender coach problem.
  • There zero secondary scoring from this team. Actually the second like got the only goal tonight, but the shots continue to favor the opposition every single game.
  • Don’t even get me started on possession stats.

Lance Bouma is out until Winter with a knee injury. Granlund was called up but didn’t factor into the lineup. Backlund up to the second line and Raymond on the 4th line, which is weird given his recent improved play. Hartley seems to have an idea where this team is going, but doesn’t want to play the hot hand. Who gets the start tomorrow in the three goalie controversy? Give Ortio a shot, and for the love of god, trade Ramo.