Flames Trade Deadline Musings

So, another trade deadline has come and gone and Flames fans are left licking there scars. Granted we did trade Iggy for a 1st, J-Bo for a potential 1st and got Blake Comeau off of the books (a win in any case) but why does this trade deadline feel so….incomplete?

Whatever way you look at it, this year Flames Fans are reaping the harvest set in motion by Sutter, Keenan, Feaster and (ABOVE ALL OTHERS) Ken King. A Harvest that has not brought us ANY Playoff wins since 2004 and further haven’t translated into a Playoff Berth in the last 3 seasons. This by any standards is completely unacceptable. Why? Because it was within those seasons that Calgary signed a multitude of players with ‘No Trade’ clauses, signed older washed up players to significant deals (Stajan and Comeau) and most of all: traded away our future.

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Jay Bouwmeester Traded to St Louis for Hockey Pucks & 1st Rounder #feasterfail

It sounds like the same headline from the Iginla trade from what seems like ages ago. Jay Boumeester, and his 6.68 million dollar price tag, is headed to St Louis is exchange for a career minor league defenceman (some will say he’s a ‘prospect’), St Louis conditional 1st round 2013 pick, and an average Swiss goalie Reto Berra currently playing in the Swiss A division.

Why Feaster couldn’t be bothered to capture more for the Bouwmeester, who is arguably an elite puck moving defenceman can be attributed to two things: 1) Jay Feaster got hosed yet again; 2) the contract size is pretty big for any team to swallow.

Bouwmeester puts up big minutes and is having a solid season. The move will give the Flames about 14 million in additional cap space for next year (including Iginla). Not having any salary on the cap coming back for next year is certainly valuable. The 1st round pick from St Louis will turn into a 2014 pick if St Louis fails to make the playoffs.

Regarding the ‘prospects’ Calgary got in return, the Flames brass will sugar coat it all they can, but only time will tell what makes of these assets. Is Berra really the ‘best goalie in Europe’? That’s what the scouts say. That’s what they said about Cevenka.

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Hey Calgary, Share Your Favorite Jarome Iginla Moments

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Flames Trade Icon for Bag of Hockey Pucks

Jarome Iginla Dealt to Penguins

The whole country seemed to stop, or in the least too notice. Local hockey fans young and old, seasoned or bandwagoners, were stunned. With the Calgary Flames slipping out of playoff contention yet again, it became apparent was a ‘rebuild’ was the reluctant direction.

The Calgary Flames traded their captain and franchise record holder in most categories to the Pittsburgh Penguins for a first round pick in this year's draft, and two college prospects Ben Hawnoski and Kenneth Agostino.

Unfortunately, with any rebuilds comes with the necessity of return. Rewind two years and one may encounter a scenario where a much more effective Jarome Iginla could fetch a greater return than what transpired.

The heartbreaking loss for the city of their hockey icon, the face of the franchise but also ambassador for the city, has been processed and the result don’t look good. How this came to be and what it means going forward doesn’t look great either.

Flames fans should be disappointed to the core. Flames brass had years to make the decision they did, but it was the fact they had to make it at all that pains most people.

Jarome Iginla’s legacy will now never rival that of Yzerman, Lemieux, or Sakic, despite being the top RW of our generation.

Why? He never spent his career with one franchise and more importantly, never won with that franchise.

Who’s faul is that?

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Still Lame on the Road: Calgary 3 – Nashville 5

Calgary had all the opportunities to win this game but defensive breakdowns and a complete lack of offence meant yet another road loss.

Double Standards: Protect the Goalies

Most fans will be lambasting the referees for their shoddy calls all game. True enough, the refs were abysmal, in one simple area–protecting the goalies.

The referees as a whole seems to have a level of cowardice when calling goaltender interference. Given the level of crease crashing one has to think it’s a directive from above to be relaxed in the crease. Now sometimes they get it right. Tanguay’s goal was waved off because he was parked in the crease. Fine, that makes sense, but twice Kiprusoff was run over and no calls made.

That’s pathetic and needs to be addressed.

The Flames on the other hand, nothing can save them now, and for once, fans are all in agreement: time to blow it up. Start with Feaster, move to Boumeester, and try to get return on Iginla. Throw in Kipper for good measure. But that’s another post.

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Flames Post Two in a Row: Glencross with HatTrick

The Calgary Flames capitalized on a shaky Pekka Rinne and a tired Nashville Predator lineup by potting 6 goals en route to a 6-3 victory and their second win in a row. The Flames currently sit near the bottom of the Western Conference and fans are starting to jump on the ‘blow it all up’ wagon in droves.

If the Flames can string together a solid run maybe there’s hope, but we’ve never seen an extended Flames run in years, perhaps decades, so this short lived success will eventually come crashing down.

In the meantime, the Flames did put together a solid effort including Curtis Glencross’ team leading 12th goal to cap off his second career hat-trick. He’s the league’s bargain at 2 million / season.

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Two In a Row: Calgary 4 – San Jose 1

Maybe they took advantage of a tired team playing their second game is as many nights. Maybe they have just the right mix to start winning games. Whatever the cause, Calgary appears to be an improved team with the meagre tinkering that’s gone on in the past few days.

Added to the mix, Miikka Kiprusoff’s return to the lineup after missing a month of hockey. He looked sharp and no worse for wear. Next up Mikael Backlund will return to the fold.

Can the Flames piece together a final run to the playoffs (only to face the so far unbeaten Blackhawks?) Anything is possible, but they need to string together more than two wins in a row before fans will be convinced this isn’t another one of their ‘two steps forward, three steps back’…..

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Pathetic Flames Squander Four Goal Lead

Season over?

It seems every 3rd post-game report by FlamesForum contains ‘pathetic Flames’. Well, they certainly are. Given chance after chance to make hay and move ahead in the rankings, they squander it due to lazy play and atrocious defensive zone coverage. Continuously a step behind the top line, TJ Brodie, and crappy rebound control, contributed to the shocking loss.

The night was marred by Calgary’s splash in the Ryan O’Reilly sweepstakes. Colorado played their cards right and took all the credit after matching Calgary’s offer. The Flames in turn got beat off the ice, then folded the tent on the ice.

Pathetic. Oops, said that already.

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Gutsy Move By Feaster: Flames Sign C Ryan O’Reilly to Offer Sheet

The Flames must have had a tough time convincing another NHL team to part ways with a competent centerman for their glut of defencemen. Visiting Colorado tonight, Calgary also made a splash in the visiting city by tendering an offer sheet to Ryan O’Reilly which he accepted.

Because O’Reilly is a restricted free agent the Avalanche are awarded compensation based on his RFA class which means Calgary’s 1st and 3rd round picks. But before that, the Avs have 7 days to contemplate whether they will match the offer.

Vancouver apparently tried luring O’Reilly, a highly touted offensive centerman, but the two year deal offered by the Flames, and a chance to play on the to lines, was apparently too good to pass up.

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Pathetic Power Play: Calgary 1 – Minnesota 2 (OT)

Why does Minnesota even have a hockey club? The owners spent huge money to bring big names but they play trap hockey that puts the most hyper child to sleep. So sad for such a hockey city.

Calgary was looking to make it three wins in a row but were foiled. Players know the rules, what players or fans do’nt want is referees deciding games. Have to check the film on Giordano’s penalty, but he was called for freezing the puck with his glove, which from what I saw was a push.

Tonight, refs handed Minnesota two much needed points. The Flames, however, have only themselves to blame. Their powerplay was pathetic. 1 shot on a 5 minute PP, no shots on a 4 minute PP in the third. Terrible. Same old hapless Flames sitting their skilled players in favour of mish mashed lines.

That’s it, no point covering a boring game and an even more painful powerplay.

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