Say, ‘No’, to NHL Loser Points

On what planet do losers get rewarded with points? Well, actually, lots of sports, but so few have the point scheme the NHL does, and teams that win more games actually sit lower in the standings.

Once again, this is why the shootout and loser point is just shite. Calgary has more wins, more regulation wins, a better shootout record, more goals for and a better overall goal differential, yet we trail Winnipeg by 3 points. ?#?endtheshootout? ?#?loserpointstoo?

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NHL Officiating Takes a Dive: Calgary 1 – NY 0

If you want evidence of NHL officials taking pre-game bribes then this game was Exhibit A. Well, maybe not, but the referees were horrid. Multiple breakaways and ensuing trips that lead to no calls was the MO of tonight’s officials. Did they take away opportunities? Absolutely. Did they cause the loss? Not a chance. Calgary embarked on a seven game Eastern road trip that began tonight against the NY Rangers. The Rangers are good, talented in every way, and exceed the Flames in every aspect. The one-ice product is evident. There was no moment in this game where Calgary was remotely competing. They were thoroughly handed a loss and barely registered any offensive opportunity.

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Calgary 3 – Vancouver 2

There haven’t been many wins against the Canucks over the years, but every single one is glorious. Beating the most hated franchise in any professional sport is pure bliss.

A solid win for the good guys in a Pacific Division rivalry. Calgary and Vancouver are now dead even in the standings. With the win the Flames continue their dominance over Pacific division rivals, which will play really well in the stretch run. Can’t stop now, despite all the winning, everyone ELSE is winning a lot as well.

Everyone is waiting for the Flames to fizzle out because we’re not used to a winning team. The fact is playoff teams win a TON of games–it’s an expectation, a norm if you will.

HEre are some post-game thoughts:

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The Truck Keeps Rolling: Calgary 3 – SJ 1

Who do thought that at the beginning of the season come beginning of February the Calgary Flames would be sent in second and the Pacific division? Not I, not the pundits, not nobody. What do you think about it this lineup lacks the superstar, doesn’t have a prolific score, how’s it completely abysmal bottom to pairing, Yet they continue to find ways to win. The biggest reason why? Probably the value and power of ‘team’. This team believes in itself, their leaders are leading, there top defensive pair are unbelievable, and their young guys are over performing. Will this translate to a playoff spot? The Western Conference is so tight it’s too soon to tell. There are 31 games remaining in season so it’s anybody’s game. But for now the Calgary Flames continued to win and the fans will continue to believe.

Here are some post game thoughts:

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Come From Behind #9

Calgary Beats Edmonton Yet Again.

It must be brutal being an Edmonton Oilers fan. The team had a two goal third period lead, but as we all know by now, third periods are a kind of specialty for the Flames. Four unanswered third period goals and you have a league leading 34 third period goals and 9th come from behind third period win. Also it ensure Calgary adds some points in the hotly contested playoff race.

What can’t be ignore in this game is the lineup, and how Hartley continues to insist on playing players who aren’t contributing.

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Calgary Flames Drop Crucial Winnable Game to Minnesota

Calgary had a chance to prove they were a playoff caliber team, even an 8th place team, but still, but they showed they’re the same old tired Flames.

A couple of moments where you thought they’d get in close and score (Byron breakaway), but ultimately they never threatened the entire game.

Here’s why the Flames lost and they won’t make the playoffs.

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Flames Return for 4-1 Win Over Buffalo

The Calgary Flames have a knack for losing to teams with below .500 ratings. Buffalo came into the city with an 11 game losing streak under their belt. Calgary, after a brief All-Star break, looked to find their winning form. Sitting in the final Wild Card spot in the Western Conference, the Flames need every two points they can muster.

Coming into the game a few notable updates, here are the post-game thoughts:

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Calgary Drops Second in a Row Versus Detroit

Flames 2 – Wings 3

The Calgary Flames currently sit 9th in the Conference and show signs of being a good team. Only problem is, good isn’t good enough. In every facet of the game the team lacks. 5-6th D pairings are terrible, perhaps the worst in the league. They compensate for the stars at 1-2 I guess. Size is a major problem. Sure, everyone loves Paul Byron’s pep, but if he’s not putting up points he’s useless. By the way, he’s not putting up points.

Only shining light in the game was the return of Mikael Backlund who missed 21 games with an abdominal tear. He didn’t look out of place and dominated.

Missing from the game was Hudler who celebrated the birth of his first child. Also, Ramo started but did not finish. He has a head injury after taking a knee to the head. Ortio likely to be recalled.

And that’s that. Calgary is too small, not mean, lacks adequate defensive zone coverage, and usually fall short in the possession and offensive game. There are few answers down the pipeline in the minors, so a trade would be in order, assuming we don’t want to throw this season away.

Three in a Row, Back to Back Against LA: Calgary 2 – LA 1

After losing eight the Flame shave now turned the tide around Christmas and registered their third in a row beating an elite team in LA twice. It helps that the lowly Edmonton Oilers are in the mix, but two wins against LA in the past 3 games is no small feat.

Calgary can thank some solid game planning, the usual team speed and transition game, and Jiri Hudler for some creative plays.

Post game thoughts:

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Another Come From Behind Win, Jonny Hockey with Hat-Trick: Calgary 4 – LA 3 (OT)

Honestly, didn’t expect this one to turn out in a win. After dropping EIGHT straight with only a point in all 8 the Flames arrived in LA facing what should’ve been their ninth straight loss. There’s little offence being generated from deadweight like Glencross and pretty much the entire centre corps. That hasn’t been solved, but sometimes you get lucky, and for Calgary, in particular Jonny Gaudreau, luck was on their side just in time for Christmas.

The post-game highlights.

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