Should the Edmonton Eskimos Fire Their Social Media Manager?

Ignoring the fact the team name is now considered a derogatory term for indigenous people in Canada’s far North, the Edmonton Eskimos released a tweet following the Calgary Flames loss to the Anaheim Duck’s in the Second Round of the NHL playoffs.

Screen Shot 2015-05-11 at 15.15.32 PM

The tweet was not only in distaste, but it was also reminiscent of a tweet a week earlier from the Houston Rocket, and lead to the firing of their social media manager.

Screen Shot 2015-05-11 at 15.14.23 PM

This tweet from the Houston Rocket’s account certainly crossed the line, but did the Eskimos tweet do the same?

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Anaheim 3 – Calgary 2: Round 2 Series Anaheim 4 – Calgary 1

This Game five post-game summary won’t include any season summary, just tonight’s game.

With everything on the line the Calgary Flames flew into Anaheim for Game 5 of the best of seven series. The subtext for every away game in Anaheim is how long it’s been since the Flames have won, they haven’t won for as long as Johnny Goudreau has been alive (at least that’s what it seems.) Calgary looked to defy history by sticking to their game plan and hoping for some timely bounces. They did get some of the that for the first 30 minutes, but this 60 minute game had a little bit of everything, including some of the greatest acting in NHL postseason history.

The Flames would get on the board first and actually take the lead in the first period. Jiri Hudler scoring his first point of this series. He’s clearly injured, along with Sean Monahan, I’m as defined the net exposing Andersen’s low blocker side weakness.

Calgary seemed to hold some momentum during the first. But unfortunately for fans on TV (not the fans in Anahiem, that is literally the quietest rink in the league) the referees started to get involved. Before the game there must have been a clear directive from the NHL head office, perhaps in Gary Bettman himself, shutting down playoff style hockey in favour for penalty parades only seen in preseason. The effect of the game was lasting, and I gave Anaheim the Ashley needed to regain momentum and finer game. Anytime the referees get involved to the point you notice them they are doing a poor job. In case you need a reminder, Brad Watson was head ref, and he was the goon called out last week in Montreal. Rather than sit him, the NHL sent him out West. What a joke.

Nonetheless, it’s a shame that in this series the Flames couldn’t keep their 5v5 play going, instead they were called for chintzy penalties that turned Game 5 of the Second Round into a farce. (I’m looking at you Joe Colborne. Nice progression, but wow, you spent more time in the box than on the ice in the last two games.)

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Only Yourself to Blame: Flames Lose 4-2 : Series 3-1 Ducks

There are some hope that the Calgary Flames could pull this one out of the hat and draw even in the best-of-seven series. Anaheim was the top team in the Western Conference because of their size, grit, and tenacity. Having two of the top skilled players on their team doesn’t hurt either. Calgary responds with a top line that’s been mostly absent and hurt. Their most potent offensive threat? Diminutive Johnny Gaudreau.

Despite having very few offensive weapons to respond with, the Flames still hung in there and gay places that they could indeed tie the series up. For all intensive purposes this team can skate with the best. Corsi stats be absolutely damned, the Flames stack up against the elite teams, and are close to being elite themselves once the greenhorns get some experience.

Experience is one of the things of the Flames lack, it was no more evident than this game. Trying out this loss to inexperience and a lot of offense.

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Come from behind AGAIN! Calgary 4 – Anaheim 3 OT : Series 2 – 1

He’s been due. This shot attempts have been there. The ice-time was more than any other forward. Mikael Backlund seemed ready to break out in this series but he doesn’t have a place to show for it. That’ll change tonight after the comeback kids turned another desperate attempt into a far fetched victory.

Falling two games behind, Calgary looked come back home in front of the home crowd find some new energy and hopefully their winning ways. Home ice has been very favorable for the team, they have one last three games at home. You can thank the crowd, the best fans in the league showed up with pride and with volume.

From then on it was a seesaw battle that saw the Calgary Flames once again showing defensive problems thrilled again, but hanging in there. Anytime you give this team just a glimpse of a chance you know they have an opportunity to win. Tonight was no different. Despite only leading for four minutes in the game, make that four minutes in the entire series, they still have a chance because it was close, plus the home crowd was in it to win it.

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Anaheim 3 : Calgary 0 – Series Duck 2 – Flames 0

We knew the Anaheim Ducks we’re a good team, but we didn’t expect the Calgary Flames to play into their hands. Down one game already, in the best-of-seven series, the Calgary Flames entered game two after being badly outplayed in GAME 1. Coach Hartley said all right things in the morning skate, and even attempted to change the lineup, but hist changes weren’t good enough and in fact threw the Flames for a loop. Although small in stature, the one of the Flames’ most potent weapons is Gaudreau. Where did youheplay most of the game? On the third line. Is that how you get out of the second round in the NHL playoffs let alone win a game? Not a chance.

There’re a lot of? Coming into this game anymore coming out. The only cluster with goaltending, Kari Ramo stood on his head and deserves to start at home in Game Three. All GM’s in NHL should pay attention to the impending unrestricted free agent.

Here’s a brief run down of some postgame thoughts:

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Calgary Flames Round 2 Playoff Schedule

Stanley Cup Playoffs – Round Two Schedule


First Flames game at home will depend on tomorrow’s Game 7 between Detroit and Tampa. A few more days rest in between game in this series which bodes well for the nagging injuries on the Flames’ side.

Calgary Philharmonic Belt out Playoff Tune

Something about the playoffs brings out really neat moments in our city.

Flames 7 – Canucks 4 : Series Win – Post game thoughts

Prior to Game 6, after the disappointing Game 5 win, the Calgary Flames third line center Mikael Backlund had some word for the media where he guaranteed a win a la Mark Messier. He retracted that later on saying, “I didn’t guarantee a win, I just said we weren’t going to lose”. Yea, same thing Mikis.

Ten minutes into the game two things were certain: the Calgary Flames faithful at the ‘Dome were doing their part, blowing the roof off of the joint; and Mikael Backlund looked pretty silly.

10 minutes in a tic-tac-toe, the Canucks were up 3-0. Call it luck, call it skill, call it what you will, it was a huge deficit early that stunned everyone. But as the Calgary Flames have done all season, the game turned around, and it took 55 minutes to eventually get their first lead of the game, but that’s what it took to finally close out the Western Conference rivals for good. So in a way,

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Vancouver Barely Wins. Back For Game Six | Series: Calgary 3 – Vancouver 2

With the season on the line, and in front of their hometown, the Canucks threw everything they had at the Flames and barely squeaked by with a victory. Although they controlled most of the play, Calgary still had a chance to tie it up in the third period. (Corsi stat lovers will eat this one up all night long.)

It was a elimination night for the Vancouver Canucks. Nobody had the Calgary Flames coming in to game five with a 3-1 series lead. Vancouver hasn’t played their best hockey, and truth be told they we’re projected higher than what the team actually plays. Of course didn’t stop them from throwing the entire kitchen sink at the Flames. Over 30 shots over two periods alone.

The Flames struck first off of a defensive giveaway. The gift left David Jones alone out front and he snapped home a goal low glove side. When the forecheck is rolling Calgary can’t be stopped. When they stop moving their feet the possession game, which is usually tipping in the opponents favour, really gets lopsided.

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Flames Lead Series 3-1 : Flames Win Game 4 : 3-1

Scored tickets last minute to this doozy and BAM! what a game it was! I’ve been to playoff games all through 2004, 2009, and today, and I can say without a doubt, this is not only different, but it was the loudest!

The talk around town before the game was that if the Calgary Flames couldn’t get off to the same start as they did in Game 3 they would win. All of the pregame banter centered around Vancouver’s lack of scoring and old man Kevin Bieska’s failed mind games. Most before puck drop fans learned that public enemy #1 Alex Burrows was going to miss the game with a suspected broken rib. Too bad, the Canucks could’ve used him.

No matter, the Flames picked up from where they left off in Game 2, and the fans did their part blowing the roof off the ‘Dome. The team fed off the enthusiasm and capitalized quickly on the PP with Gaudreau scoring his first. Monahan has largely been quiet and continues to float around, but Hudler and Gaudreau got on the scoresheet tonight.

Vancouver responded to the opening goal quickly silencing the crowd. Looking at the tweets during the game, pundits thought the Flames were badly outplayed, and although they spent more time in their own zone tonight compared to Game 3, they found ways to take advantage of their opportunities. Watching the game live you didn’t get the sense that Vancouver had momentum or quality scoring chances even though they had zone time. Calgary on the other hand, scored 3 goals in the first off of 8 shots. 2 on the PP, all lead by the defence.

The crowd was bananas loud the entire time.

Gaudreau, Hudler, and Bennett with his second rounded out the scoring in the first. Michael Ferland with more hits in the first than the ENTIRE Canuck lineup COMBINED. How’s that for irrelevant Bieska? By they way, he took the majority of boos all game and looked like an old man on skates fighting the puck all game long.

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