It seems the 2004 playoff Stanley Cup run did some good. TV and Flames have combined for a leading 76 televised games. Leading as in we the fans haven’t seen TV coverage like this since the glory days (wait did they even have 76 games back then?).

The schedule will break down as follows:

13 PPV games (all viewers who want to pay with cable/satellite) (Shaw Link to Schedule)

17 CBC games (all viewers with TV) (all eight Calgary v. Edmonton games!)

5 TSN games (all basic cable people)

40 SNW games (more cable people)

In total 75 games on the tube 58 on normal cable packages. Basically if you’re in the city Bell Centre Ice won’t help your cause. Otherwise, HOORAY for hockey. The remaining games may be picked up on BCI, illegal satellite (so FSN), or of course, the radio.