Hello FlamesForum.com Fans!

I can’t believe it, this Sunday the 17th pre-season opens against Bootuzzi and the Panthers. The line-up has changed, the coaching staff has changed, and FlamesForum.com has changed!

As original FlamesForum users we’re going to bring you up to speed about the new and exciting changes we made throughout the summer to make FlamesForum the leading fan web site online.

New To FlamesForum.com:

Welcome to the new ownership! Dave and Barry are still owners but Barry is now taking on more responsibility. The good news is Dave is still around and will be taking his camera to practices and games.

Speaking about cameras, FlamesForum.com will do a Flames first: an online fan picture database where fans can share their photos of Flames players and events for others to browse! This feature is almost ready to launch so keep a look out for the new improved gallery!

New forum features. We’re in the final stages of offering forum ‘reputation’ that many of used in the past. Basically the forum feature will allow you to ‘disagree’ and ‘agree’ with posters. Collect reputation to ‘rule’ Flamesforum.com!

New FlamesForum Blog. The homepage is now a news blog for your enjoyment! We’ll be posting post-game thoughts and the latest NHL and Flames news here. The great part about our blog is a) it’s not ugly, and b) you can use the numerous ‘news feed’ links to stick FlamesForum.com in your favourite online news reader.

New design. It’s nothing major, but for now we’ve fixed our design headers and will likely rotate new ones in as the season progresses.

Whew! That’s all, for now. We hope you’ll come back to us for the new season and have your voice heard in the forum. Most of us are still walking aimlessly around wondering what happened in the first round. The only thing to get us Flames and NHL fans out of post-first-round exit funk is—well—FlamesForum!

Inviting you and your friends; we hope to chat with you soon!

For FlamesForum.com,