Training camp opens tomorrow, officially, but Alex Tanguay has been hanging out in Calgary for quite some time.

When asked about how he prepared himself before coming into town weeks earlier to train with fellow Flames vets, Tanguay said, “I’m going to try to use certain assets of his [Iginla] game to hopefully enhance his play and enhance his scoring if we play together. We’re going to be looking for each other that’s for sure.” Rumour has Tanguay was asking fellow team members and even reviewing film trying to ascertain Iginla’s tendencies. That’s all fine and dandy for me, even 30 goals from Tanguay would be helpful.

However, when asked about his comfort playing C his response surprised a few, especially those claiming Tanguay was/is a natural centerman.

“I’ve played maybe, over the course of my first six years in the NHL, a maximum of 10 or 15 games at centre,” he said. “It’s something I’m unfamiliar with, but if I have to play centre, I’ll play centre no problem.”

Looks like there will be some ‘adjustment time’, let’s hope it’s no longer than 1 game :P We don’t want to see a dead hockey team till December.