Flamesforum is here for all Calgary sports and I thought we’d post some Stampeders info. The Stamps lost a boring game against Toronto that saw Grandpa Simpson–I mean Allen–make smart decisions to burn up the clock. I would like to make a few comments about the game as a whole from a Stamps point of view.

1. This is the first time we’ve seen the instant replay fail. On a 2nd down with 29 seconds left to play the Stamps made a reception (Johnson caught the ball for this 3rd incomplete pass on 4 passes to him), everyone knew there was a catch, Toronto knew it was a catch, the fans knew it was the catch, Jake Ireland the ref thought otherwise. One has to wonder if the Toronto execs showed him all the replays….

2. Why is K. Abdullah playing instead of John Grace? Why? That guy is a liability on this great defense, did he even make a tackle all game? Now Cornelius Anthony is hurt with an ankle injury and John Grace will come in, but when Anthone is back Grace will sit, I don’t like it.

3. Burris needs to pick up his game, 2 interceptions no good. The whole team needs to pick up their game, I’m not angry, not upset, it’s a good loss and they’ll regroup for BC.

Head coach Tom Higgins had this to say about the bothced call, “don’t blame this on the officiating,” thanks Tom, cool heads prevail when I want to kill someone :P Good coaching.

Even Sandro Deangelis got things going before the game even began challenging two defensive linemen from Toronto. (It’s hilarious to watch the shrimp Deangelis behind the huge Olineman protecting him :P)

Sandro had this to say about the altercation, “…we were talking about whose Tomato garden was better, I said mine was better and he didn’t like it.” Later he said, “…I’m not going to back down when defensive linemen give the kicker flak”.

Well said Sandro, enjoy the garden.