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The Calgary Flames came into Montreal after a tough OT loss against Toronto. Nobody really knew what kind of game they were going to bring. Would it be typical lazy Flames hockey? Would the PP get better? Would tanguay score? Would Iginla play better?

The answer to all these questions and more after this…..Ok now we’re back. The PP conitnues to stink, and another item to worry about, the Flames have one of the worst PK in the league. 3 of the 5 goals were on the PP for Montreal. You won’t win championships with horriable special teams which the Flames have. Tanguay was marginally better but invisible most of the night, he’s getting slowly better, but I don’t want slow, I want fast, now, goals.

Iginla was his usual lazy self, not that’s too harsh. Iginla still hangs out along the boards, I’d love to see him play Kovalev style and cut into the middle and blast a goal behind Huet, but alas, his 7.5 million is only good for missing breakaways which he did SH.

A bright note, the second line was electric. Lombardi had 2 goals, Kobasew 1 goal, Tanguay 2 assists, that’s a great thing to see on this team, what’s not so great is the production of the 1st line, largle absent all game.

The defence continue to struggle big time. Regher play a better game literally knocking out Downey in the 1st period with a cold cold shoulder…oh so cold. Phaneuf continues to be the weakest link on defence, it’s tough to say this, he did get 3 points today, but he can’t take 2 minute shifts. I think Playfair enjoys his play even though he scores one and causes two. He caused a number of goals in this game single handedly either by lazy penalties or loosing the puck as the last man. Yes he scored a PP goal with a nice shot, but if you get those chances game in and game out you’re bound to score.
That leaves the goalie–Kiprusoff. He’s playing average these days. Huge GAA cause he can’t seem to make the big saves anymore. It’s not time to panic, I’ll never panic with Kiprusoff, but I would really like to see him pick up his game. Pucks are going through him and he’s losing the shot in traffic. Mind you, the defence have alot to do with this one.

Next up, Boston on Thursday. HOpefully they come together and put out the effor they did tonight. I was please that the team continues to improve. The second line looks nice, defence slowly getting better, and Tanguay is improving. Just need Iginla to actually score some goals and we’ll be good. Iginla is’nt scoring, Tanguay isn’t scoring, that’s over 12 million under producing. How many open nets does the guy need?

Wild finish to this one, but really, the Flames had no business winning, they played very poorly defensively but at least potted 4.