It was the Tony Amonte show tonight against the Stars. 2 posts and 2 goals were all Tony Amonte had to show for a nights work. Amonte lead the Flames to a 3-1 win over the Stars in a low scoring, high hitting, hardly any shots, affair.

The Flames only managed to get 15 shots on net all night, but kept the Stars to under 25. What was probably the best home game of the season, and Amonte’s best game as a Flame, the Calgary Flames are certainly showing signs of ‘turning the corner’. A win against Anaheim and a continuation of their forechecking identity will prove there are good times to come (mostly in the win column).

The first period was perhaps the best, but nobody would know. Amonte scored his first, the refs made bogus calls, Ference was hit from behind and proceeded to beat on Barnaby for an extended fight (see the gallery for the video). But guess what, Flames fans finally get a chance to see the Flames on TV but a full 10 minutes of the game was lost to watch the Oiler’s game conclude, a loss against Montreal. Don’t worry Flames fans, the same thing will happen to us on Thursday as there’s another double-header.

Alex Tanguay left the third period with a knee problem (or was that a shoulder). Friesen and Zyuzin sat out with minor bumps and bruises from last game. Next up, a bigger test, undefeated Anaheim comes into town. Don’t worry thought, you’ll miss the first ten minutes of the game because the Oilers game before will go late.