The Calgary Flames managed to beat a struggling Chicago team in the second of back to back games that saw the Flames lose yesterday in Edmonton. Tonight, Calgary repeated their hard nosed forechecking to slowly grind away the opposition.

I was at this game and in all honestly it was just as boring as the Edmonton game the night before. The only difference was this time the Flames a) scored on the PP, Iginla finally did something out of the ordinary and sat in the slot, b) scored on their chances. This isn’t to say the Flames scored on all their chances, but they managed 3 goals and 1 empty netter against the Bulin-wall.

Lombardi scored off a nice feed from Huselius, much needed second line scoring is picking up, and Amonte potted a goal off a nice feed from Ritchie. Hardest working Flames would have to go to Ritchie, he was buzzing all night long. Nice to see that guy work hard and get some playing time.

Defensively the Flames are slowly returning to their true form. The 6 were solid all night and boring up front. The game was pretty much error free from a defensive standpoint. Iginla had two goals, Tanguay two assists, and the Flames push into 8th spot in the West. Not bad for a night’s work.

Some pictures of the game including a Harvey the Hound dance are located in the gallery. The last minute is also on tape where Iginla scores the empty netter. Next up, Saturday against LA and Sunday against Anaheim. The Flames get away just when the bad weather rolls around. Look for Mclennan to get in for LA.