I looked closely and I’m pretty sure I’m right–Hamrlik still uses a wood stick. And with that woodstick comes an enormous shot (why he doesn’t shoot more often is beyond me (why Tanguay doesn’t shoot more often is also beyond me)).

Hamrlik took a one timer off a Huselius pass at the end of the 1st period that hit three posts and back out again. The refs conferenced and the goal was deemed legit. Replay showed the puck was hit so hard it banked off the post, then the inside cross bar, then the inside middle bar, then out again.
Get this, for once the Flames actually started the game with a tank of energy. 28 seconds into the game Iginla worked hard down low to set up a quick Langkow shot. Before, the Canes failed to clear the zone and with Iginla parked in front, the Flames scored to make it 1-0 on netminder Grahame.
On the final play of the game Iginla netted an empty netter but looked over to Frisen thinkin, “maybe he’d like to score 1 this season?”. Friesen courageously shook his head giving Iggy the all-ok to score. Iginla needs one more goal for 300.

Ritchie Regher was called up, and Giordano was sent down. Basically a chance for Ritchie to get some exposure up North and Girodano gets some playing time. Kiprusoff once again played solid, racking up another shutout.

Next up, the Wild on Thursday.