The good news, the Flames can redeem themselves tomorrow. The bad news is, the Flames aren’t playing well. In fact, the Flames have consistently played bad….for at least 7 games now. Albeit, injuries are taking its toll, the forwards have yet to contribute.

The bad news started in the first when Tony Amonte broke in on breakaway and hit the post. Later on a powerplay Phanuef hit the crossbar, and that would be the end of Calgary’s offence. The first ten minutes was vintage Flames forecheck, the rest of the game was boring.

Vancouver took a page from Calgary and took the play for the remainder of the game. Lines 1-4 for Calgary played laboured Hockey, incapable of shooting on net, and incapable of creating offence. Again, even on the powerplay Calgary couldn’t create any chances.

Just so you know how poor Calgary’s offence was all night here’s a rundown: 1. Tanguay demoted yet again to the 3rd line. 2. Tanguay limited powerplay time in the 3rd. 3. best chance from Amonte’s breakaway, and then after that all from defencemen, 4. 3 posts by Calgary.

Unfortunately, for the Flames, you need to create your own chances. Despite a number of goal posts, those aren’t goals. If you get 5v3 powerplays you need to score every time. The Flames had two shots. Flames fans had every right to boo the power play. 5 v 3 in the third with a chance to get back into the game and there was no urgency. Albeit, Luongo played exceptionally well, whereas Kiprusoff was struggling yet again.

The Sedin’s are perhaps the best line for Vancouver and they continue to play well. The Flames have no answer for quick passing. It’s typical bad Flames hockey displayed. They do not know how to adjust (that’s a coaching issue) on the fly to beat teams from behind.

Moss got a goal, one goal per game for him, but it was a lucky game and the Flames didn’t deserve it. P.S. Luongo lost the shut out, that’s good, but I’d like to see someone break some faces, anybody, just do something rather than skate slooowwww.

Notes: The Flames were garbage on the powerplay yet again. Ri. Regher left the game in the 1st with a concussion. That’s 3 defencement out. Moss played well in his second game up.