I thought I had lost my last blog post but turns out it posted. I wrote the previous post at the end of the second because I was so disgusted by the Flames play. Well turns out they almost made a comeback. I’m actually shocked they came back in the third and were leading at one point 5-4.

Well not much REALLY changed in the third. People may say we came back hard, but I really think it’s more of how crappy Vancouver is. They can’t stop a team with 5 regulars out cold. They were doing a good job, and Luongo was playing great, but then things broke out. To build on what I posted earlier here is a recap:

Phanuef continued is poor play. He was actually the cause of 4, count ’em, FOUR, goals. The final OT goal went off his skate, the tying goal was his man. For some reason Phanuef doesn’t like to play with his stick. Too bad, he would actually play good D with it.

Iginla did get a point off a nice pass to Langkow for the the 5th goal. Other than that, he’s fat on Christmas turkey because hew as a non-factor all game, asleep at the wheel he was.

Moss got this third goal in as many games. Nice to see him do well, can’t wait for him to gain 20 pound of muscle and score 30 goals (maybe). Huselius, man, give that guy ice time and he produced. Clearly the best forward out there. He scored 2 and carried the team when he could. Tanguay on the other hand was sleeping too.

Nice to see secondary scoring, kinda, from Moss and Ritchie. Kiprusoff was worse than mediocre, but in this game it wasn’t goaltending (less the Cooke softy) that was going to help the team.

All in all, we managed a much needed point. Vancouver takes first place with 39 points, however, the Flames have 3 games in hand. That’s 6 possible points. I honestly predict the Canucks will not make the playoffs. They just aren’t good enough. Come to think of it, nor is Calgary with the garbage they put on the ice today. Half the team showed up and they made a game of it, they other half (like 25 million dollars worth in 3 players) did not.