Is it just me, or are the Ducks the new Canucks? Honestly, Selanne is a disgrace to the league. If you watched this game (if you were at it) you’d see him after every whistle complain nonstop to the officials. EVERY WHISTLE! Search Selanne on this blog and you’ll find how many times I’ve said the same thing, and guess what happens? THE SAME THING! He draws soft calls cause he consistently badgers refs. Unreal.

He almost managed to tie the game with his big mouth as the Ducks scored both their goals on the PP (we’ll call the second on the PP). Both penalties were SOFT calls, albeit refereeing wasn’t an issue in this game, the Ducks just dive. *Cue swan music for #27 of Anaheim and his pirouette.

The Flames took advantage of some shotty goaltending in the first period to pull away with the win on home ice. It was a good recovery from a bad tail end of a road trip for the Flames. The team embarked on the usual defensive forechecking game, but this time, they actually took the body hard.

David Moss opened the scoring (either him or Phanuef got it) on the powerplay off a nice screen/point shot. Tanguay later added another off a wrist shot from the slot. The Flames certainly had more chances in the game than Anaheim, but couldn’t capitalise. It’s actually fun to watch Huselius dangle like he was in a phone booth stick handling a dime….

The most chances in the night actually came from Yelle. The guy for some reason was all over the place, albeit going slow mo, but still. He managed to score the third goal, the eventual game winner, in the second period off a mad scramble that saw two Flames opportunities stopped before Yelle tucked it away.

The fight card was what many were expecting, but it was a yawner. Godard, albeit, gives us a better 5 minutes than Lundmark. More interesting were smaller battles all night along the walls. A really good game when you see the extent the Flames dominated down low in both ends of the rink.

All in all this was a fun game to watch (I was at it) and probably just as much fun to watch at home. Next up, on the road, in less than 24 hours in Edmonton.