So I was at the Anaheim game Jan 19th, 2007 and watched a great game. Fights, goals, loud fans, a win. All great. I even got to check out the new scoreboard and man it’s pretty. Lots of fire and the TV screen is amazing!

But get this, the instant the Flames scored the first goal I standing waving my flag ready to engage in a timeless classic that labels and makes the ‘Dome–well–the ‘Dome! I’m talking about our gun totting cracker of a cowboy with the Lanny Mac moustache and cowboy hat firing off into the air screaming–together now– YAAAAAA HOOOO!

But alas, I was standing waving my flag, yelling, “Where’s my Yahoo?!” Of course, I looked like a nut yelling this, but the fact is, with a nice screen, why can’t you play my favorite goal celebration? Did people complain that it’s to cowboy? Is the new screen to cool for the old graphic? Somebody tell me I’m not the only one who noticed the absence. Surely, this after goal celebration has been around since day 1? or for at least as long as I can remember.

So yea, join my pretend petition to bring back our YAHOOOOOOO!