Calgary Flames Honour Mike Vernon – Loose Boring Game

The ceremony was a tearjerker, lasted almost 60 minutes, had chants of Vernon!, and ended with a ‘YAAAAAAAA BABY!’.


We salute you Mikey!

And now back to our regular scheduled program. Period one, Flames v. Hawks = boring. 3 shots folks and nothing to report. Phanuef did beat up Seabrook, but other than that, nothing happening.

Second period we move now. See first period above–boring. Mind you, Calgary did have the better chances. Having said, tertiary scoring kicked in, the third line cashed in with top-goal scorer Jeff Friesen got his second of the season.

Third period we move now. The same boring play, some penalties, but hey, Huselius ties Iggy for most goals with 26 and extends his point streak to 12 games (or is it 13)? That would be it for the night. Kipps gets his shut out, Huselius the point streak, and Vernon immortalized in the rafters. Not a bad night.

But wait, the Flames have this complex, it’s called ‘closing games’. With less than 2 minutes left they blew a lead once again. With the extra attacker (both goals on the PP too) the Hawks would tie the game with 30 seconds left. Both goals were scored by Havlat.

OT didn’t settle anything despite the Flames going on a PP. That meant the dreaded shoot-out. We all know how Kiprusoff plays in SO, but the Hawks aren’t much better.

First shooter was Huselius who made a sweet sweet move, but didn’t score so nobody cares. Havlat turned around and put the Hawks up 1-0. Tanguay was the next shooter and—SAVE. What else is new? Kiprusoff against Hamilton, a minor leaguer, but guess who won this duel?

Notes: Zyuzin played a strong game, he subbed in for Warrener. Yelle returned, Godard sat. Ritchie left the game in the third.