Road Trip Begins With Another Bad Loss

Calgary is notorious on the road, notoriously bad. Another slow start at this game almost put them out of the running early. A lengthly 5v3 was the biggest event, for Columbus, in period one. But guess who, Mr. Noodles Mclennan stood tall, literally (being a stand up goalie), and the Flames killed off the penalty.

Calgary had a few chances of their own, but couldn’t capitalize on some chances. They managed a few shifts of sustained pressure, but largely, the addition of Conroy has perhaps stymied the top two lines.

For some reason the road games and the last three for the Flames have been short on excitement. The second period was no exception. The refs did a good job calling dumb penalties and the Flame penalty killers did better. The entire game up to this point was struggling to find continuity. You would think the Flames and their apparent scoring prowlness would generate some offence but lately it’s been lacking.

The only thing worth chatting about in the second occurred in the last 2 minutes. Phanuef started the whole event with a massive hit from the side on Nash. Nash took exception and some after-the-whistle shenanigans occurred. For some reason Foote came off the bench after 2 minutes stoppage of play and goes straight for #3. Words were said and Foote gets 2 for unsportsmanlike conduct.

The powerplay ensured and the top line continued to struggle. Iginla just couldn’t get things going on the powerplay but that didn’t mean Calgary would be kept of the scoresheet. Huselius extended his point-streak to 14 games with an assist on Lombardi’s PP goal. That guy is going to exceed Iginla in points soon and we’ll end up paying him 7 million :P

The third period was another bump and grind period. You would think that something was about to explode either in goals or with fists. Mclennan did a quality job shutting the door so goals weren’t an option for Columbus. Fists on the other hand….well nothing happened there either. Columbus definitely came out hard and the Flames just couldn’t match them.

Calgary has had major problems creating energy. The top lines have had little energy in the last few games and this has cost the Flames. Poor defensive and mental lapses in the third put the team behind 2-0. Columbus kept moving their feet and scored 2 goals in 30 seconds in the third.

On the first goal, Mclennan didn’t over in time, in the second, a nice out of the air goal with no chance for the goalie. Would the NHL’s second worst road record team make a comeback? Not a chance for this team as of late. Another bad loss combined with poor discipline and lack of effort are bad combos to be learning at this time of the year.

Rick Nash Disgraces Himself on Ice

The Flames couldn’t even close things out or make things interesting. Lombardi received a slashing penalty that Nash embellished. In fact, even when Phanuef creamed Nash in the second period the guy lied on the ice dead trying to get to draw a penalty. The likes of Nash and Crosby have big mouths and dive way too much. At least Crosby can score though.

Note: Warrener made the trip but did not play. Moss got his tenth point. Kelsa left the game in the third with a knee injury.