Calgary returned to action after a disappointing three game series against the Colorado Avalanche where the Flames only managed to collect 2 of 6 points. The NW division will leave the Flames in the dust if they don’t start winning, and Phoenix is beatable team to do this.

Flames Continue to Disgrace Themselves on Road Ice

It would be Calgary who would hit the scoreboard first. The second line with Amonte-Tanguay-Lombardi hit the PP first and stayed out for over a minute. It would pay off as the Phoenix box collapsed and Calgary had enough guys downlow to execute a nice cross-crease pass–Amonte to Tanguay for his 18th.

The play was pretty much even for the remainder of the 1st. The second period, it was all Phoenix. Calgary just rolled over and died there were maybe 3 minutes of sustained pressure in the Coyotes zone the entire second period.

Top Players Continue to Lead by Laziness

Of course, things aren’t easy when your top players don’t play. Every time Jarome Iginla is on the ice the Flames are shorthanded in their own zone. Just watch the guy play, he is without a doubt the worst Flames player in his own zone. I am certain that with Conroy in the lineup with Iginla the game would have been much worse since both are terrible defensively.

So who do you blame? The coaches? You can’t really do that unless the philosophy is ‘float near center’. Let’s face it, Calgary is not doing a THING to help our defencemen. The Flames forwards are terrible coming back to help and terrible helping with breakouts. This will cost us games and the coaches should be fired if they can’t come up with another game plan.

Kiprusoff is also a liability. He made some average stops then let in yet another soft goal off an Oleg Sprykin shot that was made BEHIND the goal line from the corner. Albeit the shot went off Phanuef’s skate, Kiprusoff no longer makes the key save. He is tired and needs rest, but there’s no chance he’ll get it. Playfair doesn’t not believe in Jamie Mac and will play Kiprusoff the rest of the way even if he’s tired.

The third period was just as terrible and horrible. Calgary never showed up, and haven’t showed up for a 60 minute game for months. This is really hard for Flames fans to swallow since they are used to a team that works hard all the time. The new Calgary Flames are too lazy and paid way too much to care it seems. The likes of Iginla and Kiprusoff aren’t pulling their weight, and nobody is picking up the slack.

People may have said that in the third period Jarom redeemed himself getting over 10 shots for the night. But quite frankly he never scored nor set up anybody who came close to scoring. Stephane Yelle did manage to put Calgary up briefly but that was short lived. 2-2 would be the score going into OT.

Playfair Out-Coached Yet Again

If we won he would have been brilliant, but we didn’t. Calgary tried going with 3 forwards and 1 D man. Calgary clearly did not practice this option beforehand as the three forwards had no clue what to do on the ice. Guess what, the play was in Calgary’s end and there were consistent 3-1 and 2-1’s. Doan would score to cap off a Pheonix domination to win the game.

Calgary never showed up again. For 15 minutes in the third they were around, but largely, only newcomers Stuart and Primeau deserved any ice after this disgrace.

Notes: Conroy was a late scratch, which was OK since his defensive game has been less than average lately. Zyuzin came out and Girodano came in. Godard played less than two minutes which was stupid since he could have set the tone early, yet another dumb coaching move. Stuart looks solid, one of the best Dmen out there.