Tampa Bay returned to the Dome for the first time since the fabled game six debauchle that led many Flames fans to believe the NHL was fixed for American teams. Tonight there was a certain measure of revenge in the air, but would it transpose to on ice performance?

Well, in this short blog, the short answer is no. The Calgary Flames could not stay disciplined when it counted (Hamrlik again played poorly and had terribly penalties). This facet coupled with the Flames inability to capitalise on chances, and the refs ability to blow calls clear out of the water. A 5v3 in OT? Come on.

Only way to look is up at this point. We have 8th spot, doubt anybody will take it, but it’s going to be another short playoff run if the Flames can’t figure out how to score and play defence for SIXTY MINUTES. What a concept.

Notes: The defence continue to have problems. Not once have we seen a full 60 minute game from all six d men. Monday is the next game.