Calgary should roll over and let the Avalanche take their playoff spot. The team will embarrass themselves in the first round with the type of play they continue to display. The whole team is, well quite frankly not a team. One person will play hard for one period and the rest will take the night off. Iginla had a great first period, and then we didn’t hear from him again (other than failed breakaway attempts.)

The team doesn’t even deserve a post-game report with their boring and undisciplined hockey. They feel they can score lots of goals and forget about defense, well nothing has changed for a month. The coaching staff refuses to change things despite continued poor performance. Tonight the team hit a hot goalie in Turco and couldn’t tighten up defensively. Special teams were a let down (not so much they are bad, but the fact they were always on the ice.)

Conspiracy Theorists To Have Hayday

Once again the referees were terrible. There are two theories. 1. Calgary is so terrible defensively and so undisciplined that being penalised 3X more than the opposition, or 2. The NHL loves to reward American teams. Lots of people jump on two just cause at this point, there’s nobody left to blame.

This is the first game in a very very long time that I didn’t bother to listen all the way through. Yes, they made it close with some hard third period work, but who cares? They never won, no points, nothing. Same thing in Colorado, great third period, horrid 1st and 2nd periods. Things better come together real fast or it won’t be 8th place we’ll have to worry about, but tee-off places.

Notes: Regehr will be out a couple of weeks with a ‘lower body injury’.