Calgary can’t seem to prepare themselves for what is now a playoff run. Despite losing to the worst team in the North West division, Calgary still clinched the 8th and final seed because Colorado lost their game against Nashville. The past three games have not been kind to the Flames. The top lines have been sporadic, defencemen have dropped like flies, and our overall forecheck dominance is restricted to one line.

This was again evident as the Flames were unable to beat the Oilers last night in the final Battle of Alberta game. Far too many defensively lapses made the team look like the one before their successful road trip two weeks ago.

What does the future have in store? 8th spot means 1st place Detroit will meet Calgary in the first round. Does Calgary stand a chance? With the garbage hockey they play Calgary will be swept. If they show up with half an effort it will be a quick series and a bitter taste in mouths of fans. More to come on this subject.