Flames Overwhelmed Again – Have No Answer

Would there be a change in fortune for a team that vowed and practically promised a better effort in game two after a game one embarrassment? To all those who skipped church to head to the bar and watch the game you were disappointed the instant you walked back from the fridge/bathroom with your bar and sat down. Less than two minutes into this game Calgary was down 1-0.

The Flames picked up where they left off, in the gutter, the toilet, the basement. The team went down 2-0 and five penalties in the first ten minutes alone. This isn’t playoff hockey, the Calgary Flames are not prepared, are an embarrassment to this city and to the league. The poor guys can’t even muster a playoff hockey game.

Gone are the days where sound defense was priority number one. Gone are the days when hitting hard and playing nasty hockey was our MO. Gone are the days when Craig Conroy and Rhett Warrener didn’t take idiotic penalties to kill this team. What’s going on?

The only person who showed up for this game was again Miikka Kiprusoff. Everyone else was a asleep. Huselius isn’t a playoff contender, Iginla is non-existent, the first line C is 38 and laboring our there, and Tanguay is afriad of the tough zones.

Will someone show up for game three? Will the Flames take two at home? I think they can definitely win these games at home but they need to play PLAYOFF hockey. Playfair needs to prepare these troops because it’s terrible to see them wake up 40 minutes into a game. Unreal, better luck next time.