It’s the beginning of the best of 3 series now and the Flames begin on the road. Will that spell good news or bad? To make matters worse the game started at 1PM MST. We all know the Flames don’t like road games or afternoon games, so would this afternoon be a blow out like game 1?

Early on we saw glimpses of Flames dominance. The first period was by far the most exciting and fast paced yet in the series which leads to the argument Calgary still has another gear for post-season play.

It was Calgary who had the biggest saves, hits, and chances in the first, albeit, both teams rattled shots off the post. Detroit could have gone up one but somehow Kiprusoff shut the door off a mad scramble. At the other end Hasek did well to stop two breakaways against Lombardi.

Special teams Fold Tent, Iginla Takes Day off

The second period, with 0-0 the score, Calgary took the initaitve and collapses. The refs were calling a fair game both sides except for one call. We’ll have to take a look at the rule book, but Cleary was awarded a penalty shot because Hamrlik bumped his feet while he got the shot away. The shot was still away so that’s what we wanted to check. 1-0 Detroit after the penalty shot goal.

To make matters worse, Calgary folded up the tent. Jarome thinks his game is floating. The guy literally floats nonstop and doesn’t back check much. ANOTHER shorthanded goal by old-man Chelios made it 3-0. The Flames could not do anything on the PP, even a 5v3. Why should they win if they consistently play inconsistent. Great PP game 4, gone game 5. Again, things aren’t clicking on the road.

Would Calgary save face in the third? You knew for certain there was no way they were going to win this game but some bodies thrown around would be nice. In fact, they would deliver, the bodies at least. Calgary was embarrassed on the score bored yet tried to respond with fists. Thing certainly got chippy after Detroit’s 5th goal of the night.

After Todd Bertuzzi jumped Dion Phanuef mayem broke out. The complexion of the game changed from ugly to bad. The refs managed to keep a lid on most of the game made no attempt to call repeated goaltender interference. There was one call for GI with two minutes left, not the message you want to send NHL.

In an attempt to save his goalie Mclennan came into the game. Trying to send a message, the guy draws a slashing penalty 3 seconds into work. After this he skates around the net and give a chop a-la Chris Simon to a Detroit player. Mclennan, buddy, use your fists next time, even though you tapped the guy with the stick. He’s obviously trying to get some attention to the situation in from of the Calgary goal because it’s sickening but his response was no good.

With Mclennan tossed Kipper came back in and the game slowly died away. Iginla was trying to do what? Maybe fight someone, but he certainly wasn’t scoring or hitting anybody fair. Detroit has a team of half vets who won’t drop the gloves when the game is lost and half goons and Euros who are chickens.

Where does that leave us for game 6? Made as hell that’s for sure, but more importantly we have to refocus to try to save face and bring this thing to seven games. The team needs to regroup, play better on special teams, and the top lines need to show up period.