There is one thing that perplexes me with the Calgary Detroit series. The player who would go ballistic (think Mclennan) is Hasek, not Kiprusoff, when faced with bumps and crashes into the net. Is there a problem? When you see the likes of Holmstrom not being called for interference that causes goals (was it the third Calgary goal?) you ahve to wonder what’s going on.

On thing is for sure, the NHL will look out a little but more, but honestly folks, it’s Detroit, they don’t want US teams out of the playoffs so the chances will be limited. I surmise Calgary will get one extra penalty tomorrow over goaltender interference. The Flames need to capitalize on their chances to make them pay.

Solutions? Firstly, quick calls on clear infractions. Holmstrom should be in the box all game. The Maltby crash may have a case of being aided by a Calgary defense, but the rest is a clear attempt by Detroit coaching staff to injure and throw Kipper off his game. The only question why aren’t the Flames crashing the crease?

The referees in the last game of Calgary Detroit (Game 5) only called two goaltender interference penalties all game. Evidently after noting the game play Mclennan decided to emphasize the lack of attention in front of the net by taking matters into his own but I figure he’s trying to highlight where the NHL has been very very weak in addressing (all season for that matter).

Calgary needs to crash Hasek Hard in Response

Calgary had so few shots that they didn’t even have a chance to do the same. We saw what happens when you breathe on Hasek, he goes nuts and we score, we don’t we continue doing this? It’s beyond me, but we don’t need to play nice. Detroit gets away with some serious infractions in front of the net which to me means they aren’t infractions. Calgary needs to return the favour by crashing the Detroit crease hard. This isn’t an attempt to injure the guy, but he’ll be so completely out of his game after one or two pushes that we’ll take the series for sure.