This will be my last post on the whole ‘conspiracy theories’ but it’s worth noting. The discussion lately around FlamesForum has stemmed from the dirty play of Calgary. A ‘sucker punch’ from Langkow, a ‘butt-end’ from Iginla, and the slash from Mclennan. The only one I’ve seen as a suspendable offence was the one that got five games. I’m willing to change my opinion after I actually see a butt end by Iginla. As for Langkow, the punch wasn’t classy, (neither was the shot to his knees) but it wasn’t a cold cock that would knock out a pee-wee hockey player.

Everyone SAW with the own eyes Lebda slam his feet into the board and twist awkwardly, the guy was in terrible pain right after he hit the board–before he was punched by Langkow. When he got up with the help of teammates he was favouring his LEG, not his FACE.

Detroit Organization Tries to Con NHL

But get this, despite the guy favouring his knee, the Detroit media goes on a rampage not talking about Lebda’s leg but his head! Apparently from the little punch he got his leg is now healed but his HEAD is hurting! What?! Did nobody see the replays? Lebda has a LEG injury not a CONCUSSION as the Detroit organization would have you believe. The next day they reported Lebda had ‘headaches’. WHAT?! HE WAS HOLDING HIS LEG!

Maybe I’m totally wrong, but the millions of viewers saw what happened and know his leg is injured not his head. Didn’t the general managers decide to improve the reporting of injuries (must be next season). The Detroit organization should stop being such a headache and come clean.