Before I start you should know that this was originally written between games 5 & 6 of the Flames/Red Wings series, before last nights elimination game.

 I want to know how Detroit manages to continue calling itself “Hockeytown” in light of the attendences at the Joe Louis Arena during their first round series with the Flames. If official figures are to be believed each game was a sell out but if you watched any of the Red Wings home games during this series you would have seen a lot of empty seats, reports out of Detroit suggest even as many as 2000 each home game!!

These empty seats have been put down to “difficulties” in getting playoff tickets to some season ticket and corporate ticket holders (so I read). If ever there were two customers that any sports franchise does not want to upset it is your bread and butter, season ticket buyers and corporate business. Both of these parties bring a lot of money into a franchise, upfront and preseason without knowing the product that is going to be on the ice, so why upset them by not getting them their Stanley Cup playoff tickets?

Season ticket holders pay as much as they do because they love their team and the sport of hockey and there is no way any of them would miss a play off game (mitigating circumstances of course). If I was a season ticket holder and didn’t get my play off ticket I would be banging down the door until they let me in.

Now Calgary on the other hand was the complete opposite. Here we had such a demand for tickets that we had to hold a lottery every home game for only 1300 tickets! Why was there only 1300 tickets because everyone else who had access to tickets was going to the games and come game time I couldn’t see 2 free seats let alone 2000.

 So with this kind of, good and bad, support during the first round of the Stanley cup playoff’s I ask you where would you call “Hockeytown”, Detroit or Calgary?