Americans Don’t Care About Crappy NHL

It was game six, Ottawa v Buffalo, overtime. If you watched the game you knew it was exciting and big, if you didn’t, take our word for it, this was a fast paced series and hard hitting game. A win for Ottawa would give them the series win, a loss meant game seven.

ESPN was happy to broadcast the game only if it were in the afternoon; the NHL bows to every request they have. What ESPN does NOT like is long hockey games with triple overtimes. They don’t like how 5 hors of programming disappears. Frankly, I don’t blame them, new markets aren’t going to support 5 hour hockey games. What is pathetic is when you commit to the game and then turn around and pull a ‘Heidi’.

ESPN pulled the hockey game off the air, fans did not see the OT period, in favour of some car racing scheme. Who then should we blame for this debacle? The NHL of course.

Gary Bettman has lost contract for US TV not gained. He’s lost exposure, the league is a joke, we are an inch away from WWF style rules where hits to the head are cool, touch icing is the only way, and fights go down just for kicks. Yes, America can detect when they have a piece of junk professional sport, and hockey fits the bill. If you’ve never seen the game there is really no reason to jump on board.

Apparently there aren’t enough fans to even complain about ESPN ‘s jump ship. Evidently unhappy American fans are outnumbered by the watchers of outback racing. Makes sense I guess, my only qulam is, why are we dumping so much money into markets that aren’t interested? And why are we still running with the same plan of expansion that has done so poorly?

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