Flames GM Darryl Sutter has a knack of making moves nobody expects. TSN is reporting that Mike Keenan is going to be back behind the bench if all things go according to schedule. The team in question? None other than the Calgary Flames. It appears the lackluster road record and early playoff exit were enough to spell DOOM for outgoing coach Jim Playfair, but is this the right move for the team if it’s true?

Jim Playfair may have only lasted a year, and it appears that his apparent inability to hold players accountable over the course of the season was his demise. But is the answer for the Flames team a hard-nosed style coach in the form of Mike Keenan? Despite some lengthy experience dating back to the eighties, it has been quite some time since Kennan has produced a winning hockey club.

The questions many are asking if the rumours are true include, “will Keenan’s destructive past hurt the franchise,” and “how will players respond to a coach who has not proved successful in the new NHL game?”

The answer to the first question may not be as explosive as the second. With Darryl Sutter firmly entrenched in the general managers position there is no way Keenan will get ahold of any front office duties or influence. Now to the second question, how will players respond? Well certainly Huselius should be worried since Florida was the team that gave him away (and Keenan was the coach). Iginla and Kiprusoff are in the final years of their contract and their happiness will dictate if they wish to remain in town.

Lots of questions and not enough answers. In fact, nothing is certain yet. What we can be sure is that over the next few days the immediate future of the franchise is up in the air.

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