Not wanting to test free agency, Keith Primeau has signed a three year deal with the Flames that will keep his checking services in town for a while longer. In the new deal, he’ll earn $1.4 million a year, a slight increase in pay.

While for a moment it appeared as if the Flames would dump veterans in favour of youth this coming year, it’s proving to be the opposite. Sutter will surely leave 2-4 vets unsigned come July 1st, however, there is still a need to keep a certain level of continuity in the dressing room. Plus Primeau brings size and a level of grit to the line up.

Of course, isn’t that what Nilson brings? And Yelle? And Ritchie? Doesn’t sound like much change….

In other news, 7th Dman David Hale who came from New Jersey late last season was signed to a one-year deal that will pay him slightly more than the league minimum.

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