Calgary Flames PPV TV Schedule 2007-08

Calgary Flames PPV TV Schedule 2007-08

The Flames PPV schedule has arrived and a total of 14 games will be available. Order the lineup on TV or go to the theater and watch the games with other fans (of the bar.)





Time (MT)


WednesdayOctober 10th Detroit5:30 PMPPV
FridayOctober 12th Dallas6:30 PMPPV
ThursdayOctober 18thLos Angeles 7:00 PMPPV
ThursdayNovember 1stDetroit 6:00 PMPPV
MondayNovember 5th Colorado7:00 PMPPV
TuesdayNovember 20thColorado 7:30 PMPPV
SundayNovember 25th St. Louis4:00 PMPPV
ThursdayDecember 13th Tampa5:30 PMPPV
SundayDecember 16th St. Louis4:00 PMPPV
TuesdayFebruary 12th San Jose8:30 PMPPV
TuesdayFebruary 19th Phoenix6:30 PMPPV
WednesdayMarch 12th Washington5:00 PMPPV
ThursdayMarch 20thColorado 7:00 PMPPV
MondayMarch 24th Colorado7:00 PMPPV
All game times subject to change

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  1. My TV bill is out of control. In my house we have 3 TVs, each with cable tv service. We get about 65 channels, but no HD programming. My husband really wants HD for his sports. Baseball season is coming and he is anxious to get it. For what I consider limited service I pay $125 a month . Does that seem way too high? What is a better idea if I wanted HD??

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