Here is the complete schedule for the upcoming Sportsnet TV coverage for the Calgary Flames. Yet again Calgary is the least covered team in the West with only 47 games (compared to 53 to the Oilers, correct me if I’m wrong). I guess Sportsnet likes losing money, Calgary has a bigger fan base by now in the West.

Calgary Flames Sportsnet TV Schedule 2007-08





Time (MT)


Tuesday October 30th Nashville   7:30 PMSportsnet
Friday October 26th Colorado   7:00 PMSportsnet
Monday October 22nd San Jose   7:00 PMSportsnet
Tuesday October 16th   Colorado 7:00 PMSportsnet
Thursday November 8th Vancouver   7:00 PMSportsnet
Thursday November 29th Anaheim   7:00 PMSportsnet
Tuesday November 27th   Detroit 5:00 PMSportsnet
Thursday November 22nd Chicago   7:00 PMSportsnet
Sunday November 18th   Vancouver 6:00 PMSportsnet
Tuesday November 13th Minnesota   7:30 PMSportsnet
Friday March 7th Nashville   7:30 PMSportsnet
Tuesday March 4th Columbus   7:00 PMSportsnet
Sunday March 30th   Vancouver 8:00 PMSportsnet
Tuesday March 25th Vancouver   7:00 PMSportsnet
Tuesday March 18th   Columbus 5:00 PMSportsnet
Sunday March 16th   Chicago 1:00 PMSportsnet
Thursday March 13th   Atlanta 5:00 PMSportsnet
Monday March 10th St. Louis   7:30 PMSportsnet
Tuesday January 8th Phoenix   7:00 PMSportsnet
Thursday January 3rd   San Jose 8:30 PMSportsnet
Tuesday January 22nd Minnesota   7:00 PMSportsnet
Tuesday January 15th   Nashville 6:00 PMSportsnet
Friday January 11th N.Y. Islanders   7:00 PMSportsnet
Thursday February 7th Chicago   7:00 PMSportsnet
Tuesday February 5th Phoenix   7:00 PMSportsnet
Friday February 29th   Anaheim 8:00 PMSportsnet
Tuesday February 26th Colorado   7:00 PMSportsnet
Sunday February 24th   Minnesota 12:00 noon Sportsnet
Friday February 22nd Detroit   7:00 PMSportsnet
Sunday February 17th   Anaheim 6:00 PMSportsnet
Friday February 15th   Los Angeles 8:30 PMSportsnet
Sunday December 9th   Chicago 5:00 PMSportsnet
Thursday December 6th Pittsburgh   7:00 PMSportsnet
Tuesday December 4th St. Louis   7:00 PMSportsnet
Monday December 31st Vancouver   7:00 PMSportsnet
Sunday December 23rd New Jersey   6:00 PMSportsnet
Tuesday December 18th   Columbus 5:00 PMSportsnet
Friday December 14th   Carolina 5:00 PMSportsnet
Tuesday December 11th   Florida 5:30 PMSportsnet
Thursday April 3rd   Minnesota 6:00 PMSportsnet
Sunday January 13th   Edmonton 6:00PM Sportsnet (Edm)
Tuesday April 1st   Edmonton 7:00 PMSportsnet (Edm)
Monday February 4th   Edmonton 7:00 PMSportsnet(Edm)