A four goal lead blown. Enough said. Calgary played hard for half a game and ended up losing 5-4 in a shootout (complete with ‘i suck at shootouts’ Kiprusoff in net). Albeit Colorado was lucky to score 3 of their goals (bounces off Flames defenders), a divisional rival still took the extra point in what should have been Calgary’s third straight win.

Jarome Iginla lead the way for the Flames with three points, two goals and an A. Calgary scored 3 times in the first and early in the second which spelled the end of Peter Budaj night. One would think the entrance of Jose Theodore would open the flood gates, but the only goal he let in was another Iginla goal in the shoot out (which if you’re a Yankee you’d throw your hat on the ice for the hat trick not knowing SO goals don’t count (which is exactly what Colorado fans did when Ryan Smyth scored in the SO)).

Tough to tell how the team will respond to such a poor second period. There were literally three lucky goals in a row, and then the per game soft goal let in by Kiprusoff. It really looks like Calgary could be a contender on paper, and they show flashes of it in games too. The only problem is, you have to play full 60 minute games (and sometimes 5 extra minutes).

So far Calgary is having a tough time doing that, which is odd given who’s lumbering behind the bench. Next up, LA on Thursday (on PPV).