Flames Don’t Have What it Takes

It must have been the ‘two games in less than 24 hours’ because the Calgary Flames took a step backwards in their attempts to salvage a poor November performance. Beating a struggling Minnesota and crappy Edmonton Oilers teams is one thing. Beating better, and in tonight’s case mediocre teams, is still a problem.

The Flames squandered too many powerplay opportunities and should a lack of desire for most of the game against another divisional opponent. The past two games the team was able to locate some secondary scoring. The biggest aspect lacking in tonight’s game was the top line.

Although Craig Conroy scored last night he continues to struggle centering the top Flames line. Iginla is useless playing on the perimeter, and his point production for the past two weeks has been a good indicator that’s where he’s playing lately. Defensively he is a liability never showing the same concern in his own zone as he does when he’s trying to score (from the perimeter no less.)

Edmonton was close to a complete game but Calgary took two steps back again. The Flames will continue to be in the bottom third of the league along with Edmonton if they continue their ways of playing 30 minute games with half efforts. That was the case yet again tonight.