Calgary Can’t Get Going

The Flames are now getting closer and closer to the bottom of the barrel. With only Jarome Iginla putting in 60 minutes of effort on the ice, the team is left with very few answers and a deeper problem. Returning from a brief road trip Calgary is at home for 3 before heading off on the road until just before Christmas. It would be nice to turn around a dismal November with a win Saturday cause tonight there was nothing positive.

With injuries on the D-line and only Iginla and the 4th line putting together strong efforts (Smith and Godard each with a fight trying to drag the team into the battle) it’s no wonder Calgary can’t win. This is the worst the team has been in the past 4-5 years. Sure, things here and there are improving, the starts are improving, but last minute goals are killing the team.

Currently the vets can’t seem to address their problems and tie together as a unit. Somebody somewhere is always taking the night off and neither coaches, goalies, or players have an answer. Does that mean change is on the horizon? In the new NHL it’s nearly impossible. Only thing you have is a coaching change (which probably won’t happen) or internal changes. That means some savvy coaching to turn the ship and some responsibility from the players.

The ever elusive ‘complete’ game is so far away. At this point, a few more losses and it’s going to be a major obstacle to even make the playoffs. In fact, if Edmonton wins a few games, it’s the Flames who will sit as the worst in the NHL. Didn’t we try this game back in the ‘Young Gun’ era? With a better team, what’s the problem? No continuity in the locker room? Too many big contracts? Not enough grit and heart? A farm club that’s too young to make an impact.

Nobody has a solution right now but one thing remains for sure–Saturday against Columbus is a MUST win game.