Road Victories Continue

Calgary just vaulted (albeit with extra games) from 9th to 7th, back into a playoff spot and are now 4-0 on their 6 game road trip with their latest victory in Carolina. The Flames should be proud they can do one thing lately–find ways to win. Frankly, there are defensive woes at the moment that are only being covered up by wins. Less Regher, the entire defensive corps is struggling to be consistent. Phanuef may have 7 points in 2 games but he’s caused a few as well. Kiprusoff has been soft on a few goals, but the tea mhas managed to score more. Alas, it’s crucial that NHL teams find ways to win even when all aspects of their game aren’t clicking–this is the case with Calgary now. Which of course leaves an interesting situation. If they can find ways to win now, what about when they can actually play solid defense rather than letting 30+ shots per game?