Just in time for Valentine’s day I thought we’d show you the lighter side of hockey–the lovin. It’s time we divulge the worst kept secret in the NW division. Zack Stortini, ‘tough guy’ for the Edmonton Oilers, is hands down the crappiest lover in the NHL. Need proof? Take a look at the way she fought against Calgary.



A Look at Stortini’s Highlight Hugs

Need more evidence? A hug and a push.


Keeping it close for old time sake.

He’s got one move and it’s, “keep your head near mine”

What happens early is he opens up, later, he comes in close to the ‘Stortini sweet spot’.

THe announcer got it wrong, it’s actually, “one thing about Stortini is that he takes them ALL.”

He still wonders why people won’t hold him tight….

Surely, that’s not all, there will be more love from the Zackster in weeks to come–fear not.
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