Chalk one up for the refs–again. Calgary succumbed to their repeated trips to the penalty, including a WEAK OT call against Iginla, by allowing two goals, one in the final frame and one in OT. Despite leading for almost 45 minutes Calgary dropped a much needed point to a re-energized and suddenly healthy interdivisional squad. By the way, this season Calgary has been dismal against NW division teams (don’t have the stats in front of me right now but it’s a losing record.)

Colorado got an unusual boost from their defence with the addition of Adam Foote at trade deadline. He jumped on a plane and managed to arrive 10 minutes into the game to play 50 minutes shutting down Iginla–which he did effectively. The remainder of the team had extreme difficulties setting up any form of scoring chances.

Boyd scored late on a PP and Regehr scored SH. Kipper stood tall again, but the supporting cast is still finding difficulties scoring (actually, forget supporting cast, the whole cast.) It doesn’t help when one of the leading playmakers is out with a ‘stinger’ (Tanguay).

It’s off to Anaheim for a rematch on Friday, until then, much to think about, not all is lost, but much to think about (namely how to score.)