Are the Ducks really THAT good? Sure they reaped the benefit of ‘timely’ un-retired players, but are they THAT dangerous? Admittedly, the team has a number of working parts, but man, if their goalie interference and instigators are called as per rule book then I can’t see them going past the first round.

Then again, what do I know. This type of hockey is coveted by the NHL and heck they do win. But tonight, 3 posts and untimely penalties (yet again), and non-existent scoring (yet again) were key contributors to their win.

Kiprusoff left after the first period letting in two goals in his 20 minutes of work. We’ll see if he really does have the flu judging by if he starts tomorrow or not. Cujo went in in relief and played very well. The highlight of the first though was not the two goals but all the fists.

Phaneuf took on Bootuzzi and did well against the criminal. Bertuzzi was slapped with a game misconduct for no tie down. Corey Perry continues his cowardice by spearing a Flames player. All hell broke loose but Calgary BARELY got a powerplay out of it. Parros in true goon fashion fought Vandermeer and not Godard…….

As for scoring, all from Phaneuf who’s getting bolder as the playoffs approach. Bolder, and he’s doing most of the scoring and fighting. Nobody else on the team has any interest in driving hard to the net, running the other team’s goalie, scoring on chances, etc. The team is missing, I dunno, Tanguay?

Tons of calls in the third gave Anaheim a lengthy 5v3 despite Calgary controlling the last two frames. The Ducks eventually scored putting them up for good.

Notes: Nilson was out and Nystrom in. That was a downgrade for sure (Which isn’t saying much.) Nobody, absolutely nobody is scoring.

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