What do you get with a team that is in desperate need for some additional scoring other than Iginla? A shutout loss of course. Bad discipline and zero scoring or continuity with line combos yet again caught Calgary and handed them their loss in a crucial NW division game. If Calgary can’t even SCORE against the Avs what prevents them from being swept in the first series ASSUMING they make it to the playoffs? Too many Flame players are slumping at the wrong time (which is pretty much every single forward).

Solution? Nothing. bare it out, six games left, and the Flames are still 1 point out of the NW division lead but now everything gets tighter in the NW division–it will be until game 82. The only unfortunate part is the Flames may be putting–literally–on the green come season end.

Notes: Cujo stepped in late in the third to give Kipper a rest since the Canucks are waiting in Calgary for tomorrow’s game.