Playoffs in Doubt – Countless Lucky Bounces Give Nucks the Wing

This was supposed to be the game that the Flames would win, they are on the every other game plan you know. Turns out, half of it was true. On one hand the Flames had their typical quick ‘every-other-game’ start. David Moss, finally factoring into the line up with Daymond Langkow heading back home for a family matter, scored a nice tip in to shut the home crowd up early. That would be the extent Calgary’s dominant play. 1.5 minutes in the first and after that the team folded it in and took the night off. Sure they skated hard, but big deal if you have no purpose.

Flames Fold Under Desperate Conditions

Calgary can’t and won’t respond anymore–too bad for fans. Apparently their post-season lives are on the line but you wouldn’t know it. Turns out opposition teams can attack Iginla after the whistle, throw him off his game, and coast the rest of the way with second and third line goals. Calgary on the other hand has little depth. 2 goals by the third line over nine games is NOT good regardless of what people say.

Calgary yet again displaying zero desperation for 55 minutes, and after the fourth goal Miikka Kiprusoff was chased from the net. Not playing great, but not exactly the cause of Calgary’s misfortunes. SOme lucky bounces and poor penalties (dumb ones like too many men and dumber ones like phantom calls by the refs–but mostly dumb Calgary mistakes.)

Calgary folded the tent in the third incapable of breaking the defensive trap put on by the Canucks. A minute into the third Isbister fired a puck behind Cujo. Sarich on the other hand took 8 consecutive minors in the third–gives you an idea of how bad things were going. Albeit, the reffing was atrocious.

I had a longer article for your review, but it was lost after the internet went down so this is where I”ll end. No point continuing

Notes: Daymond Langkow did not play as he flew home to be with his family–his father-in law passed away. It showed that Calgary lost two centers (Conroy left in the first with an undisclosed injury