No More Homer – Peter Loubardias Replaces Millions

Everyone favorite homer commentator is going to become host. If you hate him it was because of his biased play-by-play, if you love him it was because of his biased play-by-play. Roger Millions, play-by-play announcer for Rogers Sportsnet, will be leaving his post as the Flames analyst to become Sportsnet host to what I presume will be all country wide games. His replacement has experience from the WHL in Edmonton

There will be big shoes to fill for Loubardias, many regard Millions as the down-at-home nice guy who rooted for the home team. Still others welcome the change citing,

Anyone would be better than Millions. I think it’ll be better listening to a guy who actually sounds like a commentator.

While others are less than keen on change,

Terrible…… horrible. that guy has to be the worst call guy on the planet. His voice is so contrived its irritating. He’s the reason they invented a mute button. IMHO, give me 5 Sean McCormmicks anyday rather than 1 of these things. Seriously, who did what to get this guy where he is? Generally you should be fluent, inquisitive and knowledgeable if you are going to call sports. The only thing this guy has going for him is opposable thumbs. I was happy when TSN picked up some flames games, but now im ecstatic. People say I have selective hearing, im going to need it this year.

We’ll await judgment until we hear the first telecast.

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