Peter and Jim Vandermeer, Curtis Glencross Arrive to Flames

The rumors are true, Curtis Glencross arrives from Edmonton, so let the trash talking begin. Also the fist void has been somewhat answered in two other signings. No contract details yet, but we can be sure the only movement now from the Flames will be to shed some salary.

Sutter can relate to the Vandermeer’s. A small town Alberta family of all boys–can’t get more Sutter. Seems as though the GM is still interested in spending money on people who can’t skate but can throw. I’m not talking about Jim Vandermeer, he was signed today, details to follow. Rather I’m talking about his 33 year old brother who’s played 2 NHL games total. I guess Sutter is wary of the NW division and wants to have insurance in the minor leagues.

Check youtube for more vids of Pete V.


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